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GospelbeacH - Another Summer of Love

  by Keith How

published: 12 / 8 / 2017

GospelbeacH - Another Summer of Love
Label: Alive Naturalsound
Format: CD


Classy new record from West Coast revisionists GospelbeacH who celebrate summer with an impressive second album

Rest easy, people! Our summer evenings and long drives to holiday destinations are sorted. 'Another Summer of Love' is with us. Complete with jangly McGuinn guitars, sweet West Coast harmonies and power pop hooks, this is an album to rejoice in. You might tag this as power pop or alt-country (both apply), but you will soon find yourself falling in love with the hazy summer melodies, swirling guitars and its feel good sense. Opening with 'In the Desert', an atmospheric and mysterious tale of landscape and conversation, the effect is immediate. This is very good. Spacious, mellow, beautifully constructed and addictive, this is an impressive album. A Hammond organ hums contentedly in the background on this track (and most of the album) while the vocals drift in a relaxed atmosphere. A guitar soars majestically like an eagle in the summer sky. Pass my sunglasses. This is lovely! 'All the Time' comes in at cut #4 and has the most gorgeous summer vibe. Relaxed and mellow, this is just beautiful. You can taste the Californian sunshine. Country guitar licks weave in and out and those vocals just make you feel great. I guess the give away is that the genius behind GospelbeacH is none other than Brent Rademaker, formerly of psychedelic desert wanderers Beachwood Sparks. GospelbeacH seems to have gathered all the ingredients from his previous incarnations and have come up with this sumptuous mix of West Coat bliss. Stompers such as 'Runnin’ Blind' sit alongside the Richmond Fontaine- influenced 'The City Limits', a poignant gentle ballad with a lovely chorus that brings a tear to the eye. Listen out for Miranda Lee Richards. Her vocal contributions bring that added magic touch to a carefully constructed album that will make your summer just a little bit warmer. California Dreaming? You bet.

Track Listing:-
1 In the Desert
2 Hangin' On
3 California Fantasy
4 You're Already Home
5 (I Wanna See U) All the Time
6 Strange Days
7 Sad Country Boy
8 Kathleen
9 The City Limits
10 I Don't Wanna Lose You

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