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Radio Moscow - Magical Dirt

  by Paul Waller

published: 11 / 6 / 2014

Radio Moscow - Magical Dirt
Label: Alive Naturalsound
Format: CD


Fiery retro-rock on excellent fifth album from American 70’s revivalists, Radio Moscow

A lot of rock journalists have a real problem at the moment with retro-rock from the vintage equipment used to emulate the distinct 70’s sounds down to the clothes the bands wear. It would seem to be fair game to tear apart the likes of Kadavar, Purson and Radio Moscow on a regular basis in the press. That attitude comes from a lame mindset that places easy targets of hard working bands that show total and utter worship for the rock music they so adore. Now, if the music was weak and if the songs were Xerox copies of what has gone before I would be backing that very attitude, but when Radio Moscow launch off on ‘Magic Dirt’ with 'So Alone' there is such majestic riffing, soloing and sweeping guitar interplay that I have to stick up my middle finger to the world and simply go with it. Put simply, if it rocks, then it rocks and Radio Moscow rock it hard. Every track is a killer. My particular favourites are ‘So Alone’ with its Cream swagger in its stop and start guitar play, and also ‘Death of a Queen’ that mixes the best parts of MC5 with Hendrix's vocal delivery. It works so well, hook after hook, track after track. The downside to this album is that the song titles are unimaginative to the extreme, the lyrics much the same. ‘These Days’ for instance, whilst a blinding tune with a drumming groove reminding me of early Peter Criss and an eclectic six sting performance which can only be described as cosmic (honestly, you just have to hear it), is let down by the weak words within. If I picked up the album in the shops, flipped it around to see what was on it an saw the song titles ‘These Days’, ‘Got the Time’, ‘So Alone’ and ‘Sweet Lil Thing’ I would probably just put it straight back. It’s not a huge issue, but it is an issue just the same. Having said that, I cannot find another negative point on the whole thing. It’s a blast from the past with one of its feet under those flared denim jeans planted firmly in the now. TURN. IT. UP.

Track Listing:-
1 So Alone
2 Rancho Tehama Airport
3 Death of a Queen
4 Sweet Lil Thing
5 These Days
6 Bridges
7 Gypsy Fast Woman
8 Got the Time
9 Before It Burns
10 Stinging

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