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Kimberly Bright - Interviews

Eight Rounds Rapid

Eight Rounds Rapid - Interview

Kimberly Bright talks to three Eight Rounds Rapid members about their backgrounds, art, Southend, and not sounding like anyone else on the planet.

Carol Hodge

Carol Hodge - Interview

Kimberly Bright chats with Huddersfield singer-songwriter and music educator Carol Hodge about her new solo album, songwriting, Crass, touring, teaching, and why introverts might well inherit the earth.


Pedaljets - Interview

Kimberly Bright chats with singer-songwriter-guitarist Mike Allmayer from the Pedaljets about the Kansas City band’s long history, reunion, second chance and new album 'Twist the Lens'.

Hollywood Stars

Hollywood Stars - Interview

Kimberly Bright talks guitarist Ruben De Fuentes and drummer Terry Rae from the early ‘70s LA glam band the Hollywood Stars about reuniting and finally releasing their early work.


Ulysses - Interview

Ulysses frontman Luke Smyth chats with Kimberly Bright about the history of the band, his personal musical development, songwriting, the current cultural climate and being taken seriously while still being amazingly well-dressed.

Keiron Phelan

Keiron Phelan - Interview

Songwriter and composer Keiron Phelan talks to Kimberly Bright about his first solo album 'Peace Signs', as well as Chaucer's 'The Canterbury Tales', liturgical music, and accents.

Simon Love

Simon Love - Interview

Kimberly Bright talks to Welsh singer-songwriter Simon Love about the tales behind his recent songs, the Beatles, classic British television, and the art of holding grudges.

Vulgar Boatmen

Vulgar Boatmen - Interview

Dale Lawrence, the lead singer of US indie outfit The Vulgar Boatmen, chats with Kimberly Bright about the band’s storied back catalogue ahead of a series of re-issues.

Burning Ferns

Burning Ferns - Interview

Anthony Gray of rising Welsh stars Burning Ferns talks to Kimberly Bright about the band's influences and songwriting ethic and about the Newport scene.

Chris Haddon

Chris Haddon - Interview

Kimberly Bright speaks to Chris Haddon, the singer and guitarist for The Minx and Heavy On The Magic, about his new full-time career as a holistic healer.

Brainiac 5

Brainiac 5 - Interview

Cornwall’s reunited the Brainiac 5 chat with Kimberly Bright about their early career, reunion, recent work, and John Peel

Mike Peters

Mike Peters - Interview

While on his 'Spirit of ’86' anniversary tour in North America Alarm frontman Mike Peters discusses with Kimberly Bright his extensive career, punk, technology, his Love Hope Strength Foundation for cancer victims and his Welsh identity

Penny Rimbaud

Penny Rimbaud - Interview

Crass founder Penny Rimbaud talks to Kimberly Bright about his main musical influences

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