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Puerto Muerto - I Was a Swallow

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 19 / 4 / 2008

Puerto Muerto - I Was a Swallow
Label: Fire Records
Format: CD


Dark, but intriguing mix of folk, country and punk on fourth album from sinister Chicago-based duo Puerto Muerto

This fourth album from Chicago-based duo Puerto Muerto is a very weird mix of folk, country and punk and has a really dark Gothic edge to it. While the music is quite restrained and never over the top, the imagery it conjures up is something that verges on the truly unique. With female and male vocals from Tim Kelley and Christa Meyer, it sounds like the soundtrack to a Tarantino film telling of murderers in love and their lonely journey through the world. The opening track, ‘Be My Husband’, tells of the ever lasting love between its twisted characters. This really sums up Puerto Muerto's whole sound and sentiment, that of the classic romance of outcasts. On ‘Hello Moscow’ Meyer sounds a little like Courtney Love in her lead vocals. This slow burning song sounds like something from a Western with a hint of Russian folk music added to it. This type of sound defines this unique duo as they flit regularly between styles without losing any focus. ‘Gone’ and ‘Best Friend’ finds the band sounding between Johnny Cash and Queens of the Stone Age at their darkest and most stripped down. Again both tracks could come from the very darkest Western film you might ever think of. There are a lot of intriguing styles on here all melted together. It is one of those albums that sounds exactly like a soundtrack to a story that appears to be happening throughout the course of the album.

Track Listing:-
1 I Will Know
2 Gone Too
3 I Like You
4 Be My Husband
5 Low
6 Hello Moscow
7 Gone
8 Best Friend
9 Twilight
10 Merry People

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