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Georgia's Horse - Weather Codes

  by Lisa Torem

published: 8 / 6 / 2013

Georgia's Horse - Weather Codes
Label: Fire Records
Format: CD


Unpolished but ambitious second album from Georgia's Horse, the project of Texan singer-songwriter Teresa Maldonado

'Weather Codes' is the follow-up to Teresa Maldonado’s debut, 'The Mammoth Sessions'. The Texas singer-songwriter takes on an ambitious fourteen songs. The production ranges from out-of-tune piano to more electronically charged ramblings. Her voice is distinct but bears a resemblance to early Maria Muldaur and her themes tackle loss, survival and wisdom. There’s an unpolished beauty that resides within her themes, as well. Her “less-is-more” approach starts right off on ‘Apple’ and ‘A Long Ride Home,’ which is a plaintive and quintessential Texan of a tale. On ‘Ginger,’ the ambling, mysterious backdrop is unique and works extremely well against the slice-of-life lyrics. ‘The Bullet Sinks’ finds her at the aching apex of her contralto range. That vintage piano contributes greatly to ‘Fancy,’ in which you expect a bar room brawl to break out over the counter. Her conversational tone is also appealing: “Sugar, sing with me because I have been living a life of Fancy…” On 'The Millers' a wail of harmonies, a trace of guitar and Maldonado’s muffled tones make for a recipe of wonderment. ‘Westlake’ is a more conventional rendering. ‘Strep Throat’ is mighty plaintive and somewhat predictable. “It’s a lonely road to go,” she sings, but it becomes rather self-indulgent. ‘Thistlebomb’ revolves around a “mad mad world” and states its point with an undercurrent of cacophony. ‘Brick Hard Heart’ – “This is one true heartache they can not prove”- shows Maldonado spilling out epiphanies in a very natural way. It’s one of the most hard-hitting tracks. The twin studies, ‘Weather Code Part 2' and 'Weather Code Part 3', reach remote chambers of remorse. ‘Pram’ ends this fabled existence and more of Maldonado’s personality shines through. Besides a few moments of self-indulgent lyricism, 'Weather Codes' is a revealing and “smile though your heart is breaking” pleasure.

Track Listing:-
1 Apple
2 A Long Ride Home
3 Ginger
4 The Bullet Sinks
5 Fancy
6 The Millers
7 Westlake
8 Strep Throat
9 Thistlebomb
10 Six
11 A Brick Hard Heart
12 Weather Codes Pt.2
13 Weather Codes Pt.3
14 Pram

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