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Dastardly - Reviews

Desperate Journalist

Maximum Sorrow!
Fourth LP from dynamic 80s postpunk-inspired Londoners Desperate Journalist proves to be a belter

Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something

Oh Really, What’s That Then?
Thrilling debut album from South London's finest DIY genre-blending glampunkers jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something

Ghost Music

I Was Hoping You’d Pass By Here
Ghost Music travel through space and time to present day Southend and stun the locals with a blissful 90's infused debut

L A Salami

Dancing With Bad Grammar
Explosive and angry long-awaited debut album from London-based singer-songwriter and musician L A Salami

Apple Rabbits

Adventurous singer-songwriter Apple Rabbits fuses both electronica and classical composition on new EP

Bob Mould

Beauty and Ruin
Fantastic return to form on new solo album from former Husker Du and Sugar front man, Bob Mould


Enticing space rock on ninth album from reformed New Zealand-formed act, Bailterspace

Crystal Stilts

Nature Noir
Slowed-down but compelling third album from acclaimed Brooklyn-based post-punk band, Crystal Stilts

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