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Tommy Gunnarsson - Interviews


Clientele - Interview

Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to Alasdair MacLean, the front man with cult indie pop band the Clientele, about their new compilation,out a compilation called 'Alone and Unreal: The Best of the Clientele', and their past, present and future

Mc Carthy

Mc Carthy - Interview

Tommy Gunnarsson chats to John Williamson, the bassist with 80's left-wing political indie pop band and C86 act, about his former group's history

Laetitia Sadier

Laetitia Sadier - Interview

Stereolab vocalist Laetitia Sadier talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about the inspirations for her debut solo album, 'The Trip'

Stuart Moxham

Stuart Moxham - Interview

Young Marble Giants' main songwriter and guitarist Stuart Moxham speaks to Tommy Gunnarsson about his solo career and recently released compilation album, 'Personal Best'

Whirlpool Guest House

Whirlpool Guest House - Interview

Little known in their original lifetime, late 80s Stockton-on-Tees based indie trio Whirlpool Guest House have just had 'Rough Digs', a compilation of all their material, released. Singer and guitarist Carl Green talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about his group

Nik Kershaw

Nik Kershaw - Interview

Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to massive 80's star and Live Aid musician Nik Kershaw about his past, present and future and latest album, 'You've Got to Laugh@

Au Pairs

Au Pairs - Interview

Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to Jane Munro, the bassist with 70's Birmingham-based political indie punk/funk group the Au Pairs, about her group's rise and fall

California Snow Story

California Snow Story - Interview

A songwriter and the one-time guitarist with Camera Obscura, David Skirvng's band California Snow Story have finally released their debut album 'Close to the Ocean' five years after their only EP. Tommy Gunnasrsson talks to him about the reasons behind the long delay and his musical career


boycrazy - Interview

In this never before published in English interview from 2003, Tommy Gunnarsson talks to Decemberists and Norfolk and Western member and Portland, Oregon musician about her early indiepop band Boycrazy


Rumblefish - Interview

Long broken up 80's indiepop group Rumblefish have recently had released '1234', a retrospective of their work. Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to former frontman Jeremy Paige about the group's sometimes turbulent history


Miscellaneous - Interview with Tim Gaines

Stereolab's Tim Gaines first band was 80's political indiepop group McCarthy. Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to him about it, and the band's three albums


Empyrium - Interview

Indiepop group the Essex Green have just released their first album in three years, 'Cannibal Sea'. Tommy Gunnarsson chats to Christopher Zither from the band about the band's musical history and the new record


Friends - Interview with William Jones

Back for a second interview with Pennyblackmusic, William Jones, the frontman with legendary British indiepop group Friends, talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about the recording of the band's long-awaited new album, 'Late Night Early Morning'


Bearsuit - Interview

One of the leading lights in the indie pop genre. Norwich-based group Bearsuit recently released their debut album, 'Cat Spectacular !' Back for second interview with us,they talk to Tommy Gunnarsson about its success and where they plan to go next


Relict - Interview

The project of former Clientele member Innes Phillips, the Relict released their long-awaited debut album, 'Tomorrow is Again' at the end of last year. Tommy Gunnarsson chats to him about his band's first few years


Lucksmiths - Interview Part 3

In the third and final part of our interview with Australian indiepop group the Lucksmiths, Tommy Gunnarsson talks to group members Tali White and Mark Monnone about their influences and songwriting


Lucksmiths - Interview Part 2

In the second part of our three part interview with Tali White and Mark Monnone from the long-serving Australian indiepop group the Lucksmiths, they chat to tommy Gunnarsson about touring, and their plans for the next year.


Friends - Interview Part 3

In the third and final part of our interview with long-serving C86 act Friends, Tommy Gunnarsson talks to frontman William Jones about the art of writing a great pop song, and his own label Summerhouse


Lucksmiths - Interview Part 1

In the first part of a two part interview, Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to Tali White and Mark Monnone from the long-serving Australian indiepop group the Lucksmiths about the art of songwriting, and why they prefer independent labels


Friends - Interview Part 2

In the second part of our interview with William Jones, the frontman with long-serving indiepop group Friends, he talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about the unusual reasons why the band's seminal first album, ‘Roads Leading Everywhere’ remains their most popu


Friends - Interview Part 1

Legendary British indiepop group Friends have recorded 7 albums since 1988. In the first of a two part interview to be concluded next month frontman William Jones talks to Tommy Gunnarson about the band's long musical history


Ballboy - Interview

The Scottish group ballboy have just released their first “proper” album, 'A Guide To The Daylight Hours'. Gordon McIntyre, the frontman with the increasingly popular indiepop group, talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about it, critics, and touring America


Miscellaneous - Interview

Until recently largely forgotten about, 80's Texan punk pop trio the Judys have recently met with a resurgence of interest. although all their albums have been deleted. Tommy Gunnarsson chats to frontman David Bean about the band's 15 year history

Monochrome Set

Monochrome Set - Interview

Eclectic and enigmatic, the UK's Monochrome Set have been the focus of many legends and myths. Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to its ironic and teasing frontman Bid about the group's twenty year history


Haywains - Interview

First formed in 1988, influential Bristol indie pop group the Haywains released two albums on Vinyl Japan in the mid 90's. Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to guitarist Paul Towler about the groups' eight year history


Cinerama - Interview with David Gedge

Cinerama are back with a new album 'Torino'. In an extensive interview Tommy Gunnarsson takes the opportunity to catch up with frontman David Gedge to talk about it, Ukranian folk music, and his years with the legendary the Wedding Present

Harvey Williams

Harvey Williams - Interview

Currently the guitarist in Trembling Blue Stars, ex-Field Mice star Harvey Williams has also released records under his own name and with his solo project Another Sunny Day. Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to him about his fifteen year indiepop career

Young Marble Giants

Young Marble Giants - Interview with Stuart Moxham

In the three years in which they were together the Young Marble Giants recorded just one album , but, using only basic ingredients, have proved a major influence on many other bands. Frontman Stuart Moxham talks to Tommy Gunnarson about the group's career

Man From Delmonte

Man From Delmonte - Man from Delmonte Interview

Nowadays there are not many who remember them. The good people at Vinyl Japan, however, luckily do, and have graced us with two fine CD issues, one called 'The Good Things In Life', which is a compilation of most of the material they recorded during their


Ballboy - Interview

It's been about six months now since I first heard ballboy for the first time. The song was 'Donald In The Bushes With A Bag Of Glue', which is taken from their debut EP, 'Silver Suits For Astronauts'


McCarthy - Interview with Malcolm Eden Part 2

Now the band started to feel that they couldn't achieve much more, and a split up was not very far away. But despite this, they released what was to be their last album in April 1990, 'Banking, Violen


McCarthy - Interview with Malcolm Eden Part 1

"Oh, human life, we would like to value it / But if there's no profit in it, what's the point?" Few persons have had the ability to say as much in two minutes as Malcolm Eden did with his lyrics


Miscellaneous - Interview

When interviewing Edinburgh-band ballboy for Pennyblack Magazine some months ago, I asked frontman Gordon McIntyre if there were any more bands in Edinburgh that we should watch out for. He mentioned


Clientele -  Interview

In a previous issue of the Pennyblackmusic Magazine, I reviewed The Clientele's album 'Suburban Lights.' If you remember that, you may also remember that I was quite positive about it. Great. We at t

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