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Various - Revolt Into Style 1979

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 18 / 1 / 2022

Various - Revolt Into Style 1979
Label: Cherry Red Records
Format: CD Box


Enjoyable and eclectic three CD post punk and alternative music from 1979 from Cherry Red

As a one-year-old, my own memories of the year 1979 are a bit fuzzy, to be honest. But thank God for compilations like these then, as they can make me aware of all the brilliant stuff I sadly missed out on in the first place. And that’s also a great thing about music - it lives on, waiting to be rediscovered by future generations. So, 1979. Two years after the first punk wave swept across the UK, and it was already starting to fade away. In its place, the reaction to punk, post punk, gained a lot of attention, and in many ways, that scene is a lot more interest than its rawer and more one-tracked predecessor, as it blended influences from all over the world, both past and present, instead of regarding 1976 as “year zero” in music. But 1979 in music is not all about post punk, of course, which becomes even more obvious while listening to this compilation. This was also a golden age for early electronica and synth pop, and that second ska wave took off when the iconic 2 Tone label was founded in Coventry. And while punk rock was more or less pronounced dead, we are also treated to its final death throes, with bands like The Lurkers, 999 and The Faders. The compilation consists of 76 tracks, spread over three discs, and among them are both household names (Joy Division, XTC, Madness, Adam & The Ants, The Stranglers) and more obscure acts (Three Party Split, Jonnie and The Lubes, The Cheetahs, Disco Zombies), combining rare singles and seldom-heard album tracks in a great mix. And, as this is a Cherry Red compilation, you can be sure to find some very informative sleeve notes, in this case in the form of track-by-track comments and lots of record sleeves etc. Be sure to have that booklet close to you while listening to this music odyssey! So, you wonder what my personal favourites in this box set are? Well, thanks for asking! Then I think I have to mention The Monochrome Set’s self-titled song, ‘Library Books’ by The Faders, ‘Revolt In Style’ by Bill Nelson’s Red Noise (Bill formed this band after Be Bop Deluxe split up), the Elvis Costello soundalike ‘Back Of My Hand’ by The Jags, ‘Where’s Captain Kirk?’ by the eclectic Spizzenergi (the song was surprisingly also covered by REM on one of their fanclub Xmas singles in the early 90s) and of course ‘Here Comes The Summer’ by Derry’s finest, The Undertones. But there are lots of smashing songs on these three discs, and it’s also a great way to discover some new hidden gems from this great year in music. Sure, this is not a definitive “best of 1979” compilation (you won’t find any Donna Summer, Rod Stewart, Bee Gees or Village People here), but I presume that anyone buying this box set is very well aware of this. If not, you’re in for a real surprise

Track Listing:-
1 I Feel Flat by The Rock Along Combo & Andy Arthurs
2 Who Killed Bruce Lee by Glaxo Babies
3 Rebellious Jukebox by The Fall
4 Graves of Deluxe Green by A.T.V.
5 All Sewn Up by Patrik Fitzgerald
6 White Debt by The Outsiders
7 I Got Rabies by Jonnie & The Lubes
8 The Whole World by Clive Langer & the Boxes
9 Library Book by The Faders
10 Alternative Suicide by The Numbers
11 Burning Bridges by The Cravats
12 Citinite by Fashion
13 Zip Nolan by Cult Figures
14 Radio-Active by The Cheetahs
15 I Can't Control Myself by The Teenbeats
16 I Want My Woody Back by The Barracudas
17 Where's The Boy For Me? by The Revillos
18 The Monochrome Set (Single Version) by The Monochrome Set
19 Taking My Time by The Passage
20 Friends by The Zipps
21 Disco Zombies by Disco Zombies
22 Number 12 by The Pack
23 Kiss The Mirror by The Wall
24 Found Out Too Late by 999
25 Self Conscious Over You by The Outcasts
26 Children Of The World by The Freshies
27 Kamikaze (Single Version) by The Boys
28 Where's Captain Kirk? by Spizzenergi

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