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Bis - I Love Bis

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 12 / 8 / 2015

Bis - I Love Bis
Label: Do Yourself In Records
Format: CD


Excellently presented compilation of early singles and EPs from chaotic 90’s Scottish noise pop trio Bis, who have not lasted well over time

Remember Bis? The Scottish trio caused a stir in the weekly music magazines in the mid 90s when they released their first EPs on the Wiiija label, and suddenly they were the greatest band ever (as all the indie bands were at one time or another according to the ‘NME’ back in those days). I want to admit right from the start that I wasn't a big fan of the band back then, even though I liked some of their songs, like ‘Starbright Boy’, ‘Sweet Shop Avengerz’ and ‘This is Fake DIY’. But most of all I just thought that there were a lot of screaming and yelling, and that the songs just weren't good enough. Now Do Yourself In is releasing a twenty track CD compiling all the early singles and EPs under the name ‘I Love Bis’, and, when listening to this album, I realise that I still feel the same about the songs: there is a lot of yelling and not a lot of great songs. But, sure, the aforementioned ‘This is Fake DIY’ is here, and it's still a good song, even though that's mostly because of the lyrics, which are a much needed kick in the nuts to all greedy record labels. Apart from that, ‘Kill Yr Boyfriend’ and ‘Caustic Sofa’ (both taken from the band's debut 7”, released in 1994) are two other good songs here. While listening to the latter of the two, I also realised that I prefer the songs where the male members (John Disco and Sci-Fi Steven) are singing lead vocals, as they are often a bit less chaotic. Anyway, this compilation is a great way to get to know this legendary Scottish band, especially as most of these singles and EPs are quite hard to find these days. Included as a bonus track is ‘Nation Go Yeah! (Home Demonstrations)’, which is a 24 minute medley of 4-track home recordings made from 1993 to 1996.

Track Listing:-
1 Kill Yr Boyfriend
2 Sci-Fi Superstar
3 Improved Neu! Formula
4 Public School Boy
5 Caustic Sofa
6 School Disco
7 Plastik People
8 Conspiracy a-Go-Go
9 Pop Socks
10 Icky-Poo Air Raid
11 Kandy Pop
12 Secret Vampires
13 Teen-C Power
14 Diska
15 Keroleen
16 Grand Royal With Cheese
17 This Is Fake D.I.Y
18 Burn the Suit
19 Dance To the Disco Beat
20 Nation Go Yeah! (Home Demonstrat

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