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Amida - My Life as a Trashcan

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 26 / 6 / 2012

Amida  - My Life as a Trashcan
Label: Jigsaw Records
Format: CDS


Shambling, but enjoyable Wedding Present and This Poison-influenced indie pop on fourth EP from Manchester-based band Amida, who probably work best as a live act

I remember seeing Amida playing live at the Big Pink Cake Weekender in Bristol in 2010, and my initial thought was that they really wanted to sound like the Wedding Present. That is not a bad thing in my world, so I enjoyed their set, but I haven't listened to any of their previous three EPs, so I had no idea what they sounded like in the studio. Now I know. ’My Life as a Trashcan’ is, consequently, their fourth EP, released on the Jigsaw label, who will also release the band's debut album later this year. And the big question that everybody is dying to know the answer to - do they sound like the Weddoes? Well, they do. But I even want to go beyond that, and say that they sound even more like This Poison, a band that released their records on Reception Records, a label owned by... you guessed it: the Wedding Present. Especially on the opening title track, a 90 seconds long shambling pop tune, singer John Ammirati sounds very much like Scott Taylor from This Poison. On the remaining tracks, we get some more good shambling pop, but also some more relaxed tunes, like ’Let Me Do This for You’. All in all, I get the feeling that I liked them better as a live act, but maybe that will change when the album comes? Until then, I will check out their earlier efforts...

Track Listing:-
1 My Life As A Trashcan
2 A New Low
3 I Was Rude You Were Fast
4 Thank Constantine
5 Starstruck Forever And Ever
6 Let Me Do This For You
7 They Breathe Gas For Air So We Lit A Match
8 Reversal Of Fortune

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