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Grin - Grin/1+1/All Out

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 26 / 11 / 2016

Grin - Grin/1+1/All Out
Label: Retroworld
Format: CD


Hit and miss double CD from Grin, the late 60's/early 70's band of solo artist and Bruce Springsteen guitarist Nils Lofgren, which compiles together the three albums they released during their brief lifetime

I remember my first encounter with Nils Lofgren. My father had his 1983 solo album 'Wonderland' and played the title track a lot when I was a kid. Then two years later I heard the single 'Secrets in the Street' on the radio and thought it was the best song ever (more or less, I was just seven at the time), and I later bought the 7” as one of the first records that I owned. Back then I had no idea that he used to play with Neil Young back in the 70s. I probably didn't know who Neil Young was either. And I probably didn't know that he was currently touring with Bruce Springsteen (though I DID know who he was). And I had no idea that Lofgren (who had a Swedish father, by the way) used to be in a band called Grin. Now I do, and in front of me is a copy of all three of their albums which have been compiled together on two CDs. There is no doubt that the record label wants us to know that Nils was one of Grin’s three members, as his name is written just as largely as the band name on the front cover. But then again he was the band’s leader and primary songwriter, so that is perhaps not that weird after all. To be honest, I can't remember ever hearing Grin before. I might have listened to a song or two on Spotify years ago, just to hear what they sounded like. But as I can't remember, I probably wasn't too keen on the songs I heard. But I have always liked Nils’ voice and he writes some smashing tunes, so I thought that I should probably give them a second, or maybe first, chance. Well. Let me put it this way: I'm not impressed. Sadly, Nils shares the vocal duties with the drummer, Bob Berberich, who growls and rocks his way through the songs. I really can't stand his voice. Sorry, Bob. But the songs are often strong and then when Nils is by the microphone, as on the opening track to the eponymous debut album, 'Like Rain', I am actually impressed after all. Musically, it's not too far from Neil Young, or maybe even closer to Neil's old band Buffalo Springfield. And how is this re-release holding up then? Well, the double CD package comes with a booklet containing an essay on the band’s history, plus the credits for each album. So not too much if you're an old fan, but it is a great way to introduce yourself to Nils Lofgren’s earlier works!

Track Listing:-
1 Bad Letter
2 Heavy Chevy
3 Don t Be Long
4 Love Again
5 She Ain t Right
6 Love Or Else
7 Ain t Love Nice
8 Heart On Fire
9 All Out
10 Rusty Gun
11 Open Wide
12 I Had Too Much
13 White Lies
14 Please Don t Hide
15 Slippery Fingers
16 Moon Tears
17 End Unkind
18 Sometimes
19 Lost a Number
20 Hi Hello Home
21 Just A Poem
22 Soft Fun

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