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David Cronenberg's Wife - The Fight Song

  by Helen Tipping

published: 11 / 5 / 2009

David Cronenberg's Wife - The Fight Song
Label: Blang Records
Format: CDS


Bittersweet surf rock on latest single from darkly humorous and surreal London-based act, David Cronenberg's Wife

David Cronenberg’s Wife have been around since 2004. The band are songwriter and singer Tom Mayne, Stuart Saunderson (drums), Thom Alder (guitar/violin), Rhi Tucker (keyboard), Mark Watts (guitar) and Ian Button (bass). Their first single was releaesd in 2007 followed by two more in 2008 together with an album, 'Bluebeard's Rooms'. 'The Fight Song' is sparsely worked with crazy lyrics framed by psycho billy surf sounds reminiscent of the Cramps. Any song which manages to include the line "Elvis has left the building.." sounds good to me. In fact all the lyrics are well thought out, sardonic and managed to make me smile bitterly. This is a song for anyone who's had a spiteful fight after a night out at the pub where words have been slung, but nothing more, and yet manages to be more hurtful than any bar room brawl. Without doubt a song for the twisted generation.

Track Listing:-
1 The Fight Song
2 Suicide - Stretch Out
3 I Do Know (Rare Mix)
4 I Couldn't Get Off (Rare Mix)

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