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Kong - Snake Magnet

  by Helen Tipping

published: 7 / 7 / 2009

Kong - Snake Magnet
Label: Brew Records
Format: CD


Dark-sounding debut album from aggressive Manchester-based progressive rock trio, Kong

According to Brew Records' MySpace site, Kong are progressive and they come from Manchester. Thankfully progressive no longer means Rick Wakeman in a cape doing 'King Arthur on Ice', and thankfully there are no wizard's hats either. They do perform in weird costumes and plastic masks, but it's more creepy than naff. This is prog that's more Captain Beefheart than Rick Wakeman, but way darker. It's also hard work to listen to, it's not something you put on for easy listening or for driving music. Well not unless you want to end up getting pulled for erratic driving. Each track is very different from its predecessor, meaning that the album keeps your interest the whole way through, although I can't promise that you'll like every single track, or even any of them. I'm not sure this is meant to just be liked, perhaps it's meant to provoke reaction or thought, or even deep introspection, but not something as bland as like. You could hate it if you wanted, but don't just like it. Kong are touring in July to promote the release. It could be an interesting experience to see this lot live. I'd recommend it if you can make it.

Track Listing:-
1 Leather Penny
2 Blood Of A Dove
3 Wet Your Knives
4 Gwant
5 Good Graphics
6 Nih
7 Sport
8 A Hint Of Rennit Innit
9 Count Too 9

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