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Brew Records


Chickenhawk (2009)

A Or Not?
First rate debut EP from completely uncompromising Leeds-based hardcore outfit, Chickenhawk

Chickenhawk (2010)

Modern Bodies
Ferocious, but riveting second album from Leeds-based hardcore band, Chickenhawk

Humanfly (2010)

Darker Later
Epic-sounding hardcore on memorable third album from Leeds-based punk outfit, Humanfly

I Concur (2008)

Lucky Jack
Accomplished vinyl only debut single from I Concur, who draw favourable comparisons with New Order

I Concur (2008)

Engaging post punk second single, only available as a vinyl single and on download, from Leeds four piece I Concur

Kong (2009)

Snake Magnet
Dark-sounding debut album from aggressive Manchester-based progressive rock trio, Kong

Various (2008)

Brew Records : Volume One
Diverse compilation and first CD from the new Brew label, which showcases some of the best bands on the Leeds scene

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