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I Concur - Lucky Jack

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 6 / 3 / 2008

I Concur - Lucky Jack
Label: Brew Records
Format: 7"


Accomplished vinyl only debut single from I Concur, who draw favourable comparisons with New Order

'Lucky Jack' is Leeds band I Concur’s debut single. The first thing that crept into my mind upon hearing the broody singing and deeply layered sounds on it was how reminiscent of New Order they are. They have a similar deep thoughtfulness to the lyrics and sound, and this is an instant comparison that a band should be very pleased with. Bearing in mind they first started giging just over a year ago in January ’07 they have already done a superb job of creating their own sound. They released their first EP in June of last year and have been doing more live shows up and down the country and working on more material of which ‘Lucky Jack’ is a part of. ‘Lucky Jack’ is based upon a fictional story by Patrick O’Brien and shows an extra bit of depth which comes across not just in I Concur's music but also in the way they write. They hold back just enough, but not too much and this makes for a very accomplished sound considering their life span. Although I found an immediate band to link them with, this does not in any way mean they are rip offs, I just find them to be a band that have a clear sound that many bands take a long time to find. Having got to this stage already, it will be great to see how they progress in the future. They are definitely a name to look out for.

Track Listing:-
1 Lucky Jack
2 Build Around Me

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