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Humanfly - Darker Later

  by Paul Waller

published: 5 / 9 / 2010

Humanfly - Darker Later
Label: Brew Records
Format: CD


Epic-sounding hardcore on memorable third album from Leeds-based punk outfit, Humanfly

Heavy music has had few stand outs this year. By far my favourite so far has been the debut Throats album which although lyrically depressing was musically so damn punishingly harsh that I felt as if I had been at the wrong end of a good kicking with each listen. Apart from this nothing has blown me away, until now that is, so thank you must go to Leeds' Humanfly. A few years ago I purchased the first Humanfly album ‘A God Amongst Insects’ due to the fact that the band featured ex-members of the mighty Canvas. It rocked but had no staying power and was quickly replaced on my turntable. Six years later and the band have delivered this truly epic beast. I have to have listened to this at least a dozen times already and I’ve only had it six days. It’s incredibly strong, every song is memorable and each riff seems to want to out do the last. That is the key to 'Darker Later'. It’s all about the riff and heavier the better it would seem. There are the key elements of prime Black Sabbath thanks to singer John Sutcliffe's tone of voice and the thickness of the guitars, but in no way is this an album with it’s head buried in the past. It sounds totally relevant and fresh from the opening crunch of 'This Is Where Your Parents Fuck' to the final bars of the 17 minute long progtastic 'Heavy Black Snow 'not a note is wasted. The production is spot on and treacle thick. The snail pace tackles you to the floor and forces you to take notice. John has described in a recent interview that he sees 'Heavy Black Snow' as the band's '2112' or 'Supper's Read'y and there is no doubt that he hit the nail on the head there. Guest vocalist Rose Kemp, daughter of Rick Kemp and Maddy Prior from Steeleye Span, delivers a post apocalyptic tale of England’s demise. The story and detail is worthy of a full length novel. It’s utterly absorbing. Finally a quick word about the track 'Stew for the Murder Minded'. It’s a grand reprise of John’s singing style from his days in Canvas. Simply whist not for everybody in my mind It simply seals the deal with 'Darker Later'. I am completely sold.

Track Listing:-
1 This Is Where Your Parents Fucked
2 English And Proud And Stupid And Racist
3 Stew For The Murder Minded
4 The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Me
5 Darker Later
6 Heavy Black Snow

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