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Jim Bob - Pop Up Jim Bob

  by Helen Tipping

published: 9 / 8 / 2020

Jim Bob - Pop Up Jim Bob
Label: Cherry Red Records
Format: CD


Politically and socially-edged new solo album from former Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine frontman Jim Bob

Jim Bob is probably best known by most people for his work with Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine. I missed out on the whole Carter phenomenon, mostly due to life events, so I first saw him play live without having seen Carter or having listened to any of their output beyond their more well-known offerings. As a result I've come to this without any expectations. Having said that, there is certainly still a certain sound of Carter to the new songs, with the social commentary he's known for set to mostly upbeat sounds. The highlights for me include 'Jo's Got Papercuts', the latest single released from this album, It's the tale of a woman who is uncertain what to believe in the modern world of fake news and things we once held to be true being upended. 'Truce' is a wish that something would happen to bring together all the warring factions and divisions that seem to have grown up in society, maybe an alien invasion, Sadly we have come to see that major incidents just serve to divide us further. It's a nice thought though, Jim Bob. 'Thoughts and Prayers' is a detailed ode to the uselessness of those items in the face of some of the horrors that society has had to face in the last few years, the modern populist world leader's usual offer to any victims rather than any proper action to prevent such things happening again. My particular favourite, however, is 2020WTF, a twenty-six second rant that I can really get behind! 'Pop Up Jim Bob' is certainly an album of its time, but how it will fare into the future I don't know. I'd like to think that some of the themes will disappear into time's historical dustbin, but I have no doubt that as many will plague us for years to come much of it will retain its relevance.

Track Listing:-
1 Turn On, Tune In, Pop Up!
2 Jo's Got Papercuts
6 2020 WTF!
7 If It Ain't Broke
8 BIG Boy
9 Barry's On Safari (In His Safari Suit)
10 #thoughtsandprayers
11 You're Cancelled And We're Done

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