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Mission - Live and Last

  by Helen Tipping

published: 23 / 4 / 2009

Mission - Live and Last
Label: Eyes Wide Shut Recordings
Format: CD


Allegedly final live offering on double CD from Gothic group the Mission, which was recorded at one of the bands' final shows in London in 2008

This is the recording of what is alleged to be the last night of the last ever Mission tour. I say alleged, but I am always somewhat sceptical about last gigs and final tours, because it's not been unknown for bands to reform - just ask Mission frontman Wayne Hussey. The four final Mission gigs took place at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London in February and March 2008 with each night themed around a different album. The recording of 'Live and Last' is supposed to be from the night of 1st March (which featured 1990's 'Carved in Sand' album followed by a second set of tracks from all nights), though cross-checking with a set list posted on the band's forum does show some discrepancies. Whether that is with the album or the memory of the poster is debatable though, and posted set lists aren't usually something I rely on. On first listening I was under the impression that the sound was very muddy, but that appears to be limited to the first track so that a sing-a-long with the crowd can be heard. After that the quality improves somewhat, but it is not as good as the sound on the tracks on the bonus CD. It sounds like it was a great gig, and as live CDs go this is a good one for all Mission fans to remember them by - until the next time that is. The bonus CD has an interview by Janice Long, where Wayne Hussey explains his thinking behind ending the Mission, and four tracks recorded in Cologne on the German part of the last tour. Wayne Hussey hasn't gone away. He is embarking on a solo career and has already released a solo album.

Track Listing:-
1 Like A Hurricane
2 Over The Hills And Far Away
3 Bridges Burning
4 Dance On Glass
5 Stay With Me
6 Island In A Stream
7 Love Me To Death
8 Dream On
9 Fabienne
10 Severina
11 Wake (RSV)
12 Forevermore
13 1969
14 Shelter From The Storm
15 Tower Of Strength
16 Interview With Janice Long
17 Butterfly On A Wheel
18 Naked And Savage
19 Hungry As The Hunter
20 Serpent's Kiss

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