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Eliza Carthy - Restitute

  by Helen Tipping

published: 4 / 7 / 2019

Eliza Carthy - Restitute
Label: Topic Records
Format: CD


Understatedand home recorded but heartfelt albumm from acclaimed folk musician Eliza Carthy

Prior to releasing 'Restitute', Eliza Carthy released the 'Big Machine' album with her twelve-piece Wayward band. To raise funds for the album, they used PledgeMusic, which collapsed leaving them out of pocket and Carthy was unable to pay the band. Profits from 'Restitute' are going towards making good on the payments, hence its title and the limited edition version sold out within four weeks of its release. The album was recorded in her bedroom, to give it a homely sound and root it in family. This has resulted in an album sung from the heart, and even the sad songs have a warm sound to them. 'The Leaves in the Woodland', written by Peter Bellamy features Martin Carthy on violin. The vocals are the focal point, with the instruments providing a frame and this is very much a theme of the album. 'Helter Skelter' is a vocal arrangement of a poem by Jonathan Swift, most famously known for 'Gulliver's Travels', but who was also a satirist and poet. There's no instruments at all on this one, and it's Carthy's strong vocals that carry the song. It's not the only song that's vocals only, with 'Gentlemen Rankers', a Rudyard Kipling poem also being free of instruments. Sadly this is not a play on words - a gentleman ranker is a enlisted soldier, who was born to wealth but has somehow disgraced himself so cannot be an officer. 'The Man Who Puffs the Big Cigar' is by a more up to date satirist, Leon Rosselson. It is less traditional folk, and more French sounding thanks to the use of the accordion, and a song about a sex-worker whose body can be bought, but not her mind or her love. This was my favourite track on the album, probably because it had a very different sound to it. Carthy originally recorded this for a compilation album of Rosselson's work. I also particularly enjoyed 'The Last Rose of Summer', a Thomas Moore poem set to music with Ben Seal on violin, which was beautifully arranged and sung. Carthy's modern take on traditional folk music has earned her a dedicated fan base and she's reknowned as an expert outside of the area of folk music. She has recently touring the UK with Martin Carthy, and will be playing Cork Folk Festival later in the year.

Track Listing:-
1 Friendship
2 The Leaves in the Woodland (feat. Martin Carthy)
3 Helter Skelter
4 The Man Who Puffs the Big Cigar (feat. Jon Boden)
5 Gentlemen Rankers
6 The Slave's Lament / Farewell to a Dark-Haired Friend
7 Dream of Napoleon (feat. Jon Boden)
8 Lady All Skin and Bone
9 The Old Sexton (feat. David Delarre & Ben Seal)
10 The Last Rose of Summer (feat. Ben Seal)

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