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Stanley Brinks - Peanuts

  by Helen Tipping

published: 17 / 7 / 2018

Stanley Brinks - Peanuts
Label: Fika Recordings
Format: CD


Slow-burning but charming and ultimately convincing latest solo album from folk singer and one-time Herman Dune member Stanley Brinks

Stanley Brinks started out his musical career with the band Herman Dune with his brother David. He left the group in 2006 to start out on his own. He still collaborates with other musicians, such as the Wave Pictures, Jeffrey Lewis and Clement Freschard. Freschard appears on this album alongside Claire Falzon and Helen Nuland, performing backing vocals on some of the tracks. Peanuts opens with 'Sweet Fanny Adams', a song in a calypso style that sounds like a love song, but has a second meaning - this is an ode to choosing not to follow the typical route to a conventional successful life. Or it’s a love song, as with all art we give it our own meaning. 'My Guru Says' is another calypso-style song that could be a good live number. A pop at musicians following gurus and alternative lifestyles! 'Old World Theatre' is one of my favourite tracks on the album. It has a very European flavour, and slightly ambiguous lyrics. 'Next Year' is another song I enjoyed, a melancholic description of personal reinvention, that may happen, at some time. It’s taken me a few listens, it’s a slow burner, but I am a fan of Stanley Brinks, via Freschard who I saw a few years back and I’d recommend this if you like a bit of European calypso for summer listening.

Track Listing:-
1 Sweet Fanny Adams
2 Tall Man
3 Lake David
4 Lonely Little Life
5 Good Day
6 Old World Theater
7 You're No Good
8 Spend the Night
9 Let Me Go
10 Next Year
11 My Guru Says
12 This Is Your House

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