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Holy - Mono Freedom

  by Helen Tipping

published: 13 / 7 / 2020

Holy - Mono Freedom
Label: Playground Music
Format: CD


Anthemic but thought-provoking and science fiction-influenced concept album from Finnish indie band The Holy

'Mono Freedom' is the second album from Finnish five-piece indie band, The Holy. Fittingly for 2020 it's a Utopian-themed album being a fictional depiction of Mother Nature reclaiming the Earth, and the last humans leaving the planet entirely. It was inspired by Alan Weisman's science fiction book 'The World Without Us'. The Holy, however, don't see this as a bad thing. I think I can get on board with this message. I doubt very much when they started writing it that they knew how apt the theme would be and, although the album tells a story, each song works as a stand-alone piece. On first listen, they fit in well with the post punk movement, joining bands that are becoming increasingly popular without hitting the mainstream as yet. Bands like Ist Ist and Slow Readers Club are selling out venues across the country, often to those that remember post punk the first time around. They create big, anthemic sounds, using two drummers to achieve that aim, and sweeping orchestral soundscapes. It will be interesting to see how they translate to a live performance, but I think we will have to wait some time to find out.

Track Listing:-
1 No Trial In The Dark
2 Twilight Of The Idiots
3 The Rocket Song
4 I Don't Know
5 Love Is Just A Word That We Use
6 Ageing Boxer
7 Swim
8 Dada Love
9 Museum Of Modern Hearts

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