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Council Tax Band - Three Songs

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 11 / 5 / 2013

Council Tax Band - Three Songs
Label: Council Tax Band
Format: CDS


Deliciously grungy and foul-mouthed debut EP from Bedford-based group the Council Tax Band, which was formed out of the ashes of Dad Wanderlust

If you’re looking for short, sharp burst of witty, spitting rage and swears, then look no further than this first release from the enjoyably-named Council Tax Band. Partly risen from the ashes of “wrong-pop” band Das Wanderlust, CTB are made up of dual guitars, keyboards and drums, and they have a deliciously grungy sound. Vocalist Andy Elliott barks angrily through the three songs on this EP (apparently named from the ‘Ronseal School of Nomenclature’), but there’s still a pop sensibility carrying through in the songwriting which makes them stick in your head and sing along. This becomes problematic with the EP’s best song, ‘Mentioning No Names’. This track takes aim at a particular public figure (I’ll let you enjoy figuring out who) and ends with a rousing chorus of “if you’re a cunt”, repeated over and over. Not a song you want to be humming to yourself all day long, but I promise that you will be (never has the C-bomb been so enjoyably harmonised). It’s so refreshing to have a band making a serious point, and getting mad without any of the macho-swagger that a lot of (mostly all-male) bands seem to think is compulsory. 'Three Songs' genuinely has something to say about its subjects, but it’s having fun with it too. The lyrics may be a little direct for some tastes, but sometimes metaphors just get in the way of letting someone know they are a complete and utter harmonized c-bomb. This is what it sounds like when people who wear woolly jumpers get angry, probably before making a Horlicks to calm themselves down. They’re mad as hell, and they want you to know about it without direct confrontation. Let’s take it to the streets! By which I mean hum it quietly at the Post Office.

Track Listing:-
1 A Salty Grave
2 Mentioning No Names
3 Happy New Year

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