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Jamie Rowland - Profiles


Miscellaneous - Film

Jamie Rowland reflects on new road movie 'American Honey', which is about a girl joining a travelling teenage magazine crew, and its hip-hop-fused soundtrack


Miscellaneous - Film

Jamie Rowland findS impressive 'Bayou Maharajah', a new bio-documentary about the tragic life of brilliantly talented bot overlooked one-eyed blues pianist and drug addict, James Booker


Miscellaneous - Film

Jamie Rowland is impressed by Tom Geens’ new film ‘Couple in a Hole’ which tells of a grief-stricken British couple living in a hole in the French Pyrenees and which includes a soundtrack from experimental group Beak


Miscellaneous - BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Jamie Rowland reflects, with albums of its music ‘BBC Radiophonic Music’ and ‘The Radiophonic Workshop’ just having been reissued, upon the history of the BBC's remarkable Radiophonic Workshop studios

Green Peppers

Green Peppers - Green Peppers

Jamie Rowland examines the erratic career of Green Peppers, the solo project of former Soup Dragons' guitarist and Glasgow-based musician, Jim McCulloch


Miscellaneous - The Music of 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World'

Comic book series 'Scott Pilgrim' has been recently adapted into a Hollywood film. Jamie Rowland reflects on the integral part that music has to play in both.


Miscellaneous - Interview with Stuart Mackay

Jamie Rowland chats to Stuart Mackay, the creator and organiser of train-oriented Derbyshire-based indiepop festival Indietracks, which is now in its third year

Dudley Moore Trio

Dudley Moore Trio - Jazz in Oz

As well as being a comedian and actor, the late Dudley Moore was also a trained pianist and serious jazz artist. Jamie Rowland finds much to admire in a 1971 performance of his jazz trio released on DVD and filmed during their fist Australian tour


Stupids - Profile

One of the leading skatepunk thrash bands of the 1980's, the Stupids have just had four of their six albums released on the Boss Tuneage label. Jamie Rowland, however, finds not just each album, but also each track to sound the same as the last


Lina - Profile

Listen with Sarah, the project of experimental musician Sarah Nelson, has both a double A sided single, 'My Little Hula Girl'/'Animal Boum', and a 6 track EP, 'The World of Listen With Sarah' out on Cherryade Records. Jamie Rowland looks at both of her new releases

Semi Conductor

Semi Conductor - Worlds in Flux

Semiconductor are UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, who have been working together since 1999 making sound-films, music videos and live animation. Jamie Rowland finds that their compilation DVD, 'Words in Flux', will be most enjoyed by those with a keen interest in art

Extra Glenns

Extra Glenns - Interview

Jamie Rowland talks to Markus Wilhelms, the owner of German label Aufgeladen und Bereit, about his label which to date has just released records by Scottish acts


Miscellaneous - Interview with Rachel Neiman

Cherryade Records is a new label run by student Rachael Neiman. With its first release, the debut release by Bristol noise punks Steveless, now available, Jamie Rowland talks to Rachel about how and why she started Cherryade

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