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Extra Glenns - Interview

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 22 / 11 / 2006

Extra Glenns - Interview


Jamie Rowland talks to Markus Wilhelms, the owner of German label Aufgeladen und Bereit, about his label which to date has just released records by Scottish acts

In 1985, Markus Wilhelms listened to the classic Fire Engines album, 'Aufgeladen und Bereit für Aktion und Spass'. The album changed his perspective on music, and the title itself left a real impression on him. In his own words, “this was a title I wanted to use half of my life for something that was going to be very important”. This important something emerged in 2005, when Markus started up his record label, Aufgeladen und Bereit. Run from his home town of Hamburg, Markus decided to use his new label to release the debut single of ex-Teenage Fanclub keyboardist Finlay Macdonald’s project with Lorna Lyon, Music And Movement. The next year he followed this release with a single from Sushil K Dade, otherwise known as Future Pilot AKA, another Scottish artist. And now, this year, Aufgeladen und Bereit have released their fantastic compilation record, 'Get While The Getting’s Good', featuring Popup, Jock Scot and Gareth Sager, Tibi Lubin and many more. Markus took the time to speak to PennyBlackMusic about his love for Scottish music, starting his label, and what we can expect from Aufgeladen und Bereit in the next year, PB : What led to you starting your own record label? MW : Simply because I’ve been obsessed by the Scottish music scene for almost 25 years. Back in the 80's I was making a fanzine, 'Hedgehogs And Porcupines', where I had the chance to write about music but to be honest I was never really good at writing, so a label is much easier to do something with. PB : Was it difficult to get the label established? MW : Not at all, I just needed the money to do the first single with Music and Movement. The money came from my savings for a planned holiday. PB : Were you involved in music before you started the label? MW : Yeah, doing the fanzine and also working at an independent radio station by the name of FSK here in Hamburg. PB : All of the releases on your label so far are from Scottish bands. What is it about the Scottish music scene that you are so attracted to? MW : In 1983 I first listened to Aztec Camera’s ;High Land Hard Rain' andOrange Juice’s 'You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever'. Both those albums are the most important of my life. I discovered and loved the whole scene from way back in the early 80's. Then there was the Pastels, Shop Assistants, BMX Bandits... And finally Franz Ferdinand who blew my head off. I never thought that the sound of Josef K. could become fashionable again. I visited Glasgow in 1986 for the first time and I was really surprised by the kindness and hospitality of the Scots. I do believe that the Scottish people are the nicest in the world (dead honest). PB : Was the label set up with the idea of signing up Scottish bands, or is it just that you have only been drawn to these bands so far? MW : At this very point I can’t think of any band over here that I’m reallyvinterested in. There are too many serious Rock Bands. You have so many great and interesting artists over there. The next three releases will be by Tibi Lubin, Found, St Deluxe, so it seems that the label's future is quite Scottish. But of course I’m open to any nationality as long as I like what I hear. PB : Living in Germany, how did you come to hear of and sign the bands Musicand Movement and Future Pilot AKA ? MW : I knew Sushil K. Dade from Future Pilot Aka since 1986 when he was with the Soup Dragons and a fanzine editor too with 'Pure Popcorn'. On one side we’re friends and on the other I’m a massive fan of his music. He’s one of the greatest artists around these days. Sushil intruduced me to Finlay of Music And Movement. PB : What made you decide to release a compilation? MW : Hey, look around you. There are so many bands to discover and to introduce to the wider world. I mean every artist on the album is fantastic and I suppose I could do another compilation now and I would have 19 great tracks again. PB: Was it easy to get bands to contribute songs for the compilation ? MW : Yes, everyone was really interested and supported the work for it. It took three months to get all the songs together and it was magic to listen to all these great tunes. PB : If you could release an album by any artist, past or present, who would it be and why? MW : Again it would be a lot of Scottish artists like Edwyn Collins, Roddy Frame, Davy Henderson from the Fire Engines and Nectarine No.9). Okay, there would be others too like Scott Walker, Vic Godard, The Clash, Al Green, The Beatles. Why these? They simply never made anything that was wrong. PB :What are your plans for the label in the coming year? MW : There are three 7 inch singles by Tibi Lubin, Found and St Deluxe coming up next. The label is still quite small and so is the financial background but I’m sure there are a lot of great tunes you will hear from the label. I will try to get some bands over to Germany for small tours. PB: Thank you.

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Extra Glenns - Interview

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