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Malcolm Carter - Features

Status Quo

Status Quo - The Image That Made Me Weep

In ‘The Image That Made Me Weep’ Malcolm Carter reflects upon a photo taken at a Status Quo gig he attended with his son in 2009.

Mickey Newbury

Mickey Newbury - Ten Songs That Made Me Love

Malcolm Carter in 'Ten Songs that Made Me Love...' writes of some of his favourite songs by 60's singer-songwriter Mickey Newbury.

Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

Despite being uninspired by their earlier records, Malcolm Carter in 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' finds much to recommend on Deacon Blue's three recent albums

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

In our series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a particular band or artist, Malcolm Carter reflects on his favourite songs by the often critically derided Miley Cyrus


Jesuit - John Mayall, Civic Hall, Guildford, 1969

In our 'Gig of a Lifetime' series, Malcolm Carter recalls the first gig he ever attended in 1969, a show by legendary blues artist John Mayall at the Civic Hall in Guildford


Miscellaneous - Thanks for the Smiles

In the latest in our 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' series, in which our writers describe the personal impact of music on their lives, Malcolm Carter writes about meeting and falling for his wife against a backdrop of acts such as the Beach Boys, the Chi-Lites, Jim Stover and the Hollies

16 Horsepower

16 Horsepower - 16HP

Sixteen Horsepower recently announced that they were breaking up after 13 years together. Shortly before disbanding, they released '16HP', a double DVD. Malcolm Carter writes about what has sadly become their obituary


Miscellaneous - Swedish Singer-Songwriters Retrospective

Sweden is a haven to an increasing number of excellent, but underrated singer-songwriters. Malcolm Carter profiles and writes about the latest releases of two of them, Jens Lekman and Christian Kjellvander

Neil Young

Neil Young - Greatest Hits

There have been numerous other Neil Young compilations over the years. Malcolm Carter explains, however, that this latest one offers something different with an extra disc recorded on DVD stereo, the way Young wanted them heard


Miscellaneous - Profile

Producer Mitch Easter has worked with R.E.M., Pavement, Dinosaur Jr and Velvet Crush , but for many years also fronted his own band Let's Active. With a Let's Active tribute album just out, Malcolm Carter takes the opportunity to assess his career

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