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Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Interview

  by Philamonjaro

published: 8 / 3 / 2024

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Interview

Rankin’ Roger of The Beat passed away five years ago this month. Since then, his son Ranking Jnr has continued his music and legacy. Recently in concert, Ranking Jnr shared with the audience, “On March 26 2019 we all lost a very, very special man, my father Rankin’ Roger. He was not only my father, but my best friend, mentor and taught me everything about life and music. One thing I promised before he passed away. I would carry his flag for the both of us.” Thus came the title of Ranking Jnr’s first recorded song after his loss, ‘Carry the Flag’. And the start of his next chapter. Ranking Jnr’s musical journey began at a very young age and around four or five, hanging out in his father’s home studio. “I used to sit in the studio with my father when he was creating. More or less on a daily basis. I was really into the keyboards and melodies.” Ranking Jnr recalls his father saying “Why don’t we write a song together?” They wrote first of all a chorus, then a verse, and then a bit more together. Ranking Jnr was hooked. He continues “Shortly after that, my dad bought me a Casio keyboard for my sixth birthday. I was always into music from that day". Ranking Jnr first performed live with Roger when he was about twelve or thirteen. . Roger’s roller-hockey team was set to play for a championship and he was asked to write a team song then perform it live. Roger encouraged his son, who was nervous, excited and at that age of adolescence when his voice was cracking, that this was his chance to shine. Despite apprehension, Ranking Jnr found his confidence during his first public performance. From there on he always wanted to perform. By the time he was fifteen Ranking Jnr was on the road with his dad with his solo band, then called The Special Beat. In 2003, Roger, Dave Wakeling and all the original members (sans Andy Cox and David Steele) reunited The Beat at Royal Festival Hall for a concert. Ranking Jnr came on stage for ‘Mirror in the Bathroom’. The die was cast. Unexpectedly, yet gratefully, Ranking Jnr began co-fronting the new iteration of The Beat alongside with Roger. Ranking Jnr featured on Roger’s solo albums and the 2016 Beat recording ‘Bounce’, having a few of his own songs recorded on it including ‘Side to Side’ and ‘My Dream’. The 2019 solo release ‘Public Confidential’ would be the last time they would collaborate together before Roger’s passing. Ranking Jnr credits his father for helping him develop his confidence on stage and as an artist. “Because he could always see my potential, he would throw me into the deep end.” He said to me ‘You can swim or sink’.’ I never sank, I always swam to shore. That gave me confidence.” He notes that “I always listened to the older musicians because they have been there and done it before and try not to make the same mistakes.” Ranking Jnr feels very lucky that his father was there to guide him along the way. Like father, like son, his heart is about justice and the people. “We're a love and unity band. I’m all about love and unity and spreading love. And, you know I feel like what the need is to spread it around the world…. We’re coming for the whole world…” There will be new material released soon. There are no details yet but expect to hear something by May. Photographs by Philamonjaro

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Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Interview

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Interview

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Ranking Jnr talks to Philamonjaro about carrying on his late father Rankin’ Roger’s legacy with the Beat.

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