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Cosse - Nothing Belongs to Anything

  by Adrian Janes

published: 6 / 10 / 2020

Cosse - Nothing Belongs to Anything
Label: A Tant Rever du Roi
Format: CDS


Strong debut EP from French post-rock and noise purveyors Cosse

Cosse are a quartet from Paris, their music one of startling contrasts. Each of the five tracks on this debut EP shifts – not always smoothly – between limpid, melodic guitar motifs and abrasive riffing, from pounded tom-toms to jazzy snare patterns. Sonic Youth fans will find much to satisfy them in the music of Cosse: the fascination with hypnotic phrases, the juxtaposed delicacy and aggression, the rawness that is spliced with a cultivated restraint. They might also be compared to a provoked Grizzly Bear. ‘Seppuku’ is one of the best examples of Cosse’s qualities. It begins with glimmering notes over tinkled cymbals and tom-tom rolls; a beautiful interplay of guitars is then suddenly ended by a burst of King Crimson-like ferocity. The switching back and forth between soft and loud continues like a dizzying musical see-saw, which at last crashes out in a feedback-riven conclusion. Though most of these compositions are not entirely instrumental, there are still large spaces left for the music between any lyrics. The voice of lead guitarist and singer Nils Bö isn’t the strongest, but still may appeal to those who enjoy the take-it-or-leave- it air of Thurston Moore or, going further back, Television’s Tom Verlaine. When he tries a more passionate approach it unfortunately sounds more petulant than powerful. On occasion bassist Lola Frichet also sings, as towards the end of ‘Pin Skin’ and in a duet on ‘Sun, Forget Me!’, achieving a more haunting effect. Cosse appear to have been in existence since at least 2016. Frichet, for one, has another gig with the delightfully named Pogo Car Crash Control, so perhaps the long gestation of this debut has something to do with other commitments. Nonetheless, they have clearly developed a good mutual understanding as players which allows them to shift gears as one, even when the changes don’t always sound apt. All of these tracks offer a mixture of strength and beauty, but also the suggestion of a still more potent blend to come.

Track Listing:-
1 Welcome Newcomers
2 Pin Skin
3 Sun Forget Me
4 Seppuku
5 The Ground

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