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Gregario - Nomads on Hold

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 29 / 7 / 2021

Gregario - Nomads on Hold
Label: Gregario
Format: CD


Impressive debut album from Gregario, the new piano-based project of Luxembourg musician David André which finds him moving in a new direction

So, here’s a thing. How do you categorize this little gem from Luxembourg's DIY music scene? I’m sticking it in the modern jazz box, only because it gloriously combines solo piano and percussion. It is, however, a lot bigger than that. This is the work of one David André aka Gregario who has left behind his usual more elaborate equipmentfor this new album which is packed with piano-based compositions. André, has stripped down his usual sound, that of his last band Mount Stealth, a bigger more danceable and synth-dominated affair, to induce softer tones and atmospheres. Don’t think that this is just piano solo though. To get a slight more beat-influenced offering, drum parts were added to the sparse arrangements by Paul Fox, one of the most sought-after drummers of the Benelux jazz scene.. 'Menthol Issues' gets the new venture off to a strong start with its jazzier approach and expansive drum beats. The film noir exercise 'Manhunt' introduces a change of pace while a change in the production style is showcased and thrives on the warm 'Volganic'. I am not usually one for instrumentals. but this album has grabbed me and taken an rather dull genre and turned it into an extravaganza without making it over fussy. It is a break from André's norm and a delightfully welcome one that proves that it can be advantageous at times to explore other directions and make them work.

Track Listing:-
1 Menthol Issues
2 Manhunt
3 Poly Stena
4 Volganic
5 Just Another Sisyphos
6 Nomads on Hold

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