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Seasurfer - Zombies

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 9 / 6 / 2021

Seasurfer - Zombies
Label: Reptile Music
Format: CD


Fantastic new album which comes with an extra mini-album from German shoegazing band Seasurfer

A short set of early demos landed Hamburg-based songwriter and fuzz-reverb-Lover Dirk Knight a deal with US-shoegaze/dream pop enthusiasts Saint Marie Records. Immediately he recruited singer Dorian E. from Berlin and bassist Mikel Wegener, and Seasurfer was born. Their aim was to combine the ethereal dream pop tones of Dirk's former outfit Dark Orange with the post punk influence of bands such as The Cure, Hüsker Dü and Sonic Youth. Knight then gathered several other musicians from the shoegazing scene to make this sound a reality. And a fine reality it is too. If you like electronica blended with a good serving of fuzz and industrial noise, this could well be for you. Dirk has been friends with his musical mentor Robin Guthrie from the Cocteau Twins for a long time so it was no surprise when he mastered along with Spotlight Kid's Karl Skivington Seasurfer's debut LP 'Dive In' which arrived in June 2014 . With the intention of making a bigger sound, the band then recruited singer Apolonia from Hamburg and OZ from Paris, along with guitarist Jojo Brandt and new bass player Marc Wilkes with Volker Zacharias joining a little later,. Their noisy and dreamy, yet powerful sound brought them huge acclaim amongst lovers of bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins. More recently, Dirk and Apolonia have been working more intensely together, releasing the EP 'Vampires', 'Zombies', Seasurfer's new album, is a wonderful collection with no less than sixteen tracks on the main album, and which also features a further eight songs on a bonus second disc and mini-album 'The Dreampop Days' that Dirk recorded with guest singer Elena Alice Fossi from Italian dark wave band Kirlian Camera. Playing a staring role on the bonus disc is the 2019 single 'Blue Days' which was mixed by 4AD producer legend John Fryer of Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Lush, Nine Inch Nails and This Mortal Coil fame. This album serves up a thick stew of all the horrors of the present climate with noisy basses and atmospheric synth droning away to the otherworldly vocals of Apolonia and is a close match for a harder buzzed up Cocteau Twins' cocktail. Released by the nice people at Reptile Music the hard copy CD comes in a gatefold card sleeve with artwork by Helda Costa and photos by Christian Klepp..

Track Listing:-
1 Sos
2 Too Wild
3 Zombies
4 Tears & Happiness
5 Drifting
6 Chemical Reaction
7 Devils Walk
8 Love Me...Dead!
9 Pretend
10 Secrets
11 Lovers Breakdown
12 Heaven
13 Into Your Sin
14 Venusberg
15 Dead in the Garden
16 Time After Time
17 Blue Days (feat. Elena Alice Fossi) [John Fryer Mix]
18 Killing Tears of Joy (feat. Elena Alice Fossi) [John Fryer Mix]
19 Shine (feat. Elena Alice Fossi)
20 Fairies in Twilight (feat. Elena Alice Fossi)
21 The Sun Is All Around Him (feat. Elena Alice Fossi)
22 Fear in the Woods (feat. Elena Alice Fossi)
23 Blue Days (feat. Elena Alice Fossi)
24 Killing Tears of Joy (feat. Elena Alice Fossi)

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