Dave Goodwin - Reviews

Aeon Station

Aeon Station - Observatory

Harmonic and thought-provoking debut album from Aeon Station, the solo project of ex-Wrens' member Kevin Whelan which was fourteen years in the making

Freya Beer

Freya Beer - Beast

First-rate debut album from alternative and Gothic rock-influenced West London singer-songwriter Freya Beer

Vapors of Morphine

Vapors of Morphine - Fear and Fantasy

Haunting and original post-rock on latest album from Morphine offshoot, Vapors of Morphine


Grouse - Interpolate

Atmospheric and cinematic fourth album of electronic ambience for Grouse, the project of Dublin-based musician Ronan Carroll


Blancmange - Commercial Break

1980s synth-pop progenitors Blancmange maintain their highly prolific release rate with a solid new addition to their discography


Various - Generation Blitz

Highly impressive compilation that pays homage to ground-breaking early 1980s club Blitz which created the New Romantic movement


Chills - Scatterbrain

Reflective and thought-provoking seventh album from influential Dunedin indie act The Chills


Gregario - Nomads on Hold

Impressive debut album from Gregario, the new piano-based project of Luxembourg musician David André which finds him moving in a new direction

Amusement Parks On Fire

Amusement Parks On Fire - An Archaea

Excellent fourth album and first in ten years From Nottingham-based shoegazing outfit Amusement Parks On Fire


Seasurfer - Zombies

Fantastic new album which comes with an extra mini-album from German shoegazing band Seasurfer


Sorbet - This Was Paradise

Thought-inspiring combination of electronica and acoustic instrumentation on debut album from Sorbet, the project of Irish producer Chris W. Ryan, which reflects on climate change


Hiatus - Distancer

Superb electroniica on fifth album from Hiatus, the project of London-based Cyrus Shahrad, which is partially influenced by his Iranian homeland

McKenzie FIX

McKenzie FIX - Pandora's Box

Over-polished but eclectic debut album from the McKenzie FIX, the new project of acclaimed Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Ewan McKenzie

Conny Frischauf

Conny Frischauf - Die Drift

First-rate synth pop which combines modern and vintage sounds on debut album from Viennese electronic artist Conny Frischauf

Rats on Rafts

Rats on Rafts - Excerpts from Chapter 3: The Mind Runs a Net of Rabbit Paths

Unusual but brilliant psych pop on long-awaited third album from Rotterdam-based group Rats On Rafts


RVDS - Moods and Dances 2021

Flawed but promising electronica on new album from Hamburg-based DJ RVDS


Scenius - Enough Fears

First-rate debut album from 80's-inspired French/British electronica hybrid Scenius



Dark and sinister but compelling 80's-influenced third album from Portugese trio IAMTHESHADOW

Green Child

Green Child - Shimmering Basset

Impressive electropop recorded on vintage synths on second album from the Green Child which promises much for the future

Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals - The Jungle

Eclectic and eccentric alternative rock on fifth album from Montreal-based trio, Plants and Animals