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Various - Musik Music Musique

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 13 / 9 / 2020

Various - Musik Music Musique
Label: Cherry Red Records
Format: CD Box


Essential and insightful three CD box set focusing on the groundbreaking year in synth pop of 1980 from Cherry Red

Born in the golden year of 1966, it stands to reason that that one of the genres this writer is mad about is synth. From Numan to Nelson I love everything electronic about the 1980s. And, let's face it. Even those who profess to dislike the decade love it really. This three CD box set sets off to mark the oncoming rush of brilliant sounds that came right at the start of that decade in 1980. The box set promotes itself as 'The Dawn of Synth Pop' and it is exactly that. Forget the bands that came before such as Kraftwerk. Before 1980 the synth sound was considered a novelty, or perhaps the eccentric sound of the laboratory technician. That year saw synth pop shake off that stigma and become the most vital, modern and energetic musical movement on the planet (Apart from Northern Soul, of course). From upbeat disco evolutions to ice cold post-punk expressions, dancefloors, record racks and the music press soon filled with unusual and futuristic new artists, many of whom found homes with major labels, a long way from the independent DIY aesthetic which until then had predominated. It also created a new interest in vinyl and the inception of the cool and trendy record cover by artists such as Garood and Lofthouse. ‘Musik Music Musique’ encapsulates a view of this breakthrough moment in music. I was so encompassed in this genre I dripped moog sweat. But there are bits in here that have escaped me all these years. There are great independent novelties and curiosities which sit alongside big budget pop perfection and wonderful 80’s pomp. This is a time before the big artists went on to sell millions, a time when they would take their first steps into this new landscape, whilst others would make the briefest contribution before the wave moved on. There are 58 tracks strewn across the three CDs, a futurist fantastica for synth lovers. The Human League, Only After Dark, Fad Gadget and OMD all make an appearance on the first disc, while Japan, John Foxx and Landscape feature on the second. Hidden in here are little hardly known gems such as'Kebabtraume' by D.A.F. Remember M? They had one hit 'Pop Music'. Well, this box set sports an earlier offering, 'Official Secrets'. Yello and Sic appear on the third CD along with Visage's superb 'Mind of a Toy'. and there are ultra obscure moments here like 'Suis-Je Normale' by Nini Raviolette. There is music on here that defies what some bands are trying to emulate today. 'Musik Music Musique' is an essential and insightful compendium of a place and time unique in musical chronology. By 1981 nearly every record produced had some sort of synth running through it. This is a must for you 80’s freaks. Absolutely marvellous!

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