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Love Songs - Nicht Nicht

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 9 / 8 / 2020

Love Songs - Nicht Nicht
Label: Bureau B
Format: CD


Improvisational electronica and experimentalism on impressive debut album from Hamburg trio Love Songs

I have Never really liked the term ‘experimental’, but I gave this new album from Hamburg's Love Songs the once over and it suddenly dawned on me that this could actually be 'experimental'. In fact, it’s the most experimental album I have listened to lately. 'Nicht Nicht' continues the band´s striving to mesh defined grids with improvisational snapshots to create their very own take on organic electronica. Love Songs have been making music Since 2012 and have since produced several EPs and the mini-album 'Inselbegabung', which was released on Kame House, so this outing is the band's first full release. The people behind the music are Thomas Korf, Sebastian Kokus and Manuel Chittka, and they have put all the sounds together at Elbkrautstudios in Hamburg. The electro-acoustic trio were able to explore the possibilities of their free-flowing interplay,. Although there are only seven tracks on here, there is a lot of music and it goes down the road of definite exploration and experimentalism. Their sound is actually quite unique, mixing early synths with tribal beats and jazz flavor’s here and there. For me, the title track and 'Proxy II' are the strongest of the seven, but each track has to be listened to and judged on its own merit as the diversity achieved here is impressive. Think early Kraftwerk and throw in some obscurities like some Chinese cymbals and you get somewhere close to it. Mastered by Fabian Tormin/Plaitlin Mastering this is a neat and tidy first full album that should propel Love Songs to the next level.

Track Listing:-
1 Proxy I
2 Selbstauflöser Teil 2
3 Das Labyrinth
4 Nicht Nicht
5 Tisch mit drei Weinen
6 Proxy II
7 OG

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