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Bureau B


Andreas Dorau (2014)

Aus Der Bibliotheque
Sharply clever combination of indie rock, indie pop and krautpop sung entirely in his native German from Berlin-based singer-songwriter, Andreas Dorau

Arbeit Schickert Schneider (2016)

Haunting Krautrock on album from Schneider TM, Jochen Arbeit and Günter Schickert, who represent three generations of German electronic music

Automat (2015)

Stripped to the bone rhythms, jazz licks, dance and electronica on rich and diverse second album from Berlin trio, Automat

Automat (2017)

Musically diverse third album from experimental and eccentric Berlin electronic trio Automat

Blevin Blectum (2014)

Emblem Album
Adventurous but chaotic-sounding latest album from American electronic musician and multimedia composer, Blevin Blectrum

Brockmann/Bargmann (2018)

Timm Brockmann and Franz Bergmann, two of the trio that made up Camera, collaborate on this fine experimental offering on Bureau B.

Camera (2016)

Phantom of Liberty
Timeless electronica on third album from krautrock-influenced German duo, Camera

Camera (2018)

Emotional Detox
Liberating fourth album from Berlin-based group Camera, who combine experiment with discipline

Camouflage (2015)

First-rate Krautrock-influenced eighth album from German electronic outfit, Camouflage

CEL (2020)

Upbeat and clever Krautrock by prolific Hamburg media artist Felix Kubin which also features Hubert Zemler on drums

Conny Frischauf (2021)

Die Drift
First-rate synth pop which combines modern and vintage sounds on debut album from Viennese electronic artist Conny Frischauf

Conrad Schnitzler and Pyrolator (2015)

Tantalizing posthumous album from the vaults of late electronic pioneer and early Tangerine Dream member Conrad Schnitzler, who has had his music updated and revitalized by fellow German musician Pyrolator

Die Krupps (2016)

Impressive reworking by German industrial band Die Krupps of their seminal 1981 debut album ‘Stahlwerksinfonie’

Die Wilde Jagd (2015)

Die Wilde Jagd
Relentlessly enjoyable debut album from Düsseldorf-Berlin two-piece Die Wilde Jagd which breathes life into the Krautrock genre

Die Wilde Jagd (2020)

Contradictory and contemplative third album from Dussledorf/Berlin electronic punk duo Die Wilde Jagd

Faust (2015)

Just Us
Experimental yet surprisingly harmonic latest album from German progressive rock pioneers, Faust

Faust (2017)

Fresh Air
Compelling but difficult new live radio sessions album recorded in America from German avant-garde experimentalists Faust

Gudrun Gut und Joachim Irmler (2014)

Exquisite and dreamy-sounding freeform electronica on collaborative album between experimental Berlin musicians, Gudrun Gut and Hans-Joachim Irmler

Gunter Schickert (2019)

Versatlie and highly original latest album from veteran krautrock guitarist Gunter Schickert

Harmonious Thelonious (2020)

Elegant mental and physical music on seventh album from shy Düsseldorf techno wizard and DJ Harmonious Thelonious

Ja, Panik (2021)

Die Gruppe
Intriguing sixth album from Austrian rock band Ja, Panik after several years’ absence, which mixes musical approaches with German and English lyrics.

Jimi Tenor (2021)

Deep Sound Learning (1993-2000)
Excellent anthology of unshelved material from the 1990s from Jimi Tenor who has helped to shape the course of electro jazz

Junior Electronics (2012)

Tntelligent and playful second album from Junior Electronics, the solo work of Stereolab keyboardist Joe Watson

Kammerflimmer Kollektief (2018)

There are Actions Which We Have Neglected and Which Never Cease to Call Us
Gorgeous combination of chamber and spaghetti western music on new album from German experimental act Kammerflimmer Kollektief

Karl Bartos (2013)

Off the Record
Cliché-ridden and bitter latest solo album from former Kraftwerk member, Karl Bartos

Kreidler (2012)

Inriguing, but ultimately baffling electronica on eighth album from Dussledorf-based trio, Kreidler

Kreidler (2014)

Enigmatic and dramatic latest album from pioneering Dusseldorf-based electronic band, Kreidler

Kreidler (2017)

European Song
Surprise latest mini-LP from 1990's German electronic pioneers and John Peel show regulars Kriedler

Like a Stuntman (2011)

Evocative combination of melody and tribal rhythms on ironic debut album from Frankfurt-based band, Like A Stuntman

Lloyd Cole (2015)

1D Electronics 2012-2014
Experimental and difficult instrumental-only electronic album from acclaimed 80's star, Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole and Hans-Joachim Roedilus (2013)

Selected Studies Vol. 1
Stunning ambience on electronic instrumental collaboration between English rock singer Lloyd Cole and Austrian composer Han-Joachim Roedilus

Love Songs (2020)

Nicht Nicht
Improvisational electronica and experimentalism on impressive debut album from Hamburg trio Love Songs

Moebius Story Leidecker (2014)

Snowghost Pieces
Intriguing instrumental electronica on joint album from Moebius Story Leidecker

Moebius Story Leidecker (2017)

Electronic musicians Tim Story and John Leidecker complete experimental works on joint second album that they began with the late Dieter Moebius who died in 2015

Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge (2020)

Der große Preis
Outstanding and elegant debut by odd Berlin-based electro pop duo Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge

Peter Baumann (2016)

Machines of Desire
Inventive new album from legendary former Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann, who returns to the studio after a long lay-off for his first album in over thirty years

Pose Dia (2021)

Front View
Cinematic but flawed debut album from Pose Dia, the project of Hamburg-based DJ Helena Ratke

Pyrolator (2011)

Stunningly effective first album in nearly twenty five years from Pyrolater, the project of pioneering German electronic dance genius, Kurt Dahlke

Qluster (2013)

Immaculate and thought-provoking live recording made in at festival in Berlin from electronic super group, Qluster

Qluster (2016)

Magical new set of material on sixth album from pioneering electronic masters, Qluster

Roedilius (2020)

Selbstportrat Wahre Liebe
Impressive ninth album from German electronic composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius in his 'Selbstportrait' which he has recorded using his original vintage instruments and equipment

Roedilius Schneider (2011)

Groundbreaking joint album between German composer Hans-Joachim Roedilius and Stefan Schneider from To Rococo Rot which falls in between modern composition and modern electronics

RVDS (2021)

Moods and Dances 2021
Flawed but promising electronica on new album from Hamburg-based DJ RVDS

Schlammpeitziger (2018)

Damenbartblick auf Pregnant Hill
Enjoyable off-kilter electronica from Schlammpeitziger, the project of German musician Jo Zimmermann, which is, however, spoiled by its poor lyrics and vocals.

Schlammpeitziger (2020)

Ein Weitleck in der Echokammer
Dub prank fun on latest album from Schlammpeitziger, the project of Cologne-based musician Jo Zimmermann

Schneider Kacirek (2015)

Shadows Documents
Enigmatic but extraordinary collaborative album between German electronic musician Stefan Schneider and percussionist Sven Kacirek

Solyst (2022)

Magical fourth album from Sølyst. the solo project of Kriedlier drummer Thomas Klein

Sorbet (2021)

This Was Paradise
Thought-inspiring combination of electronica and acoustic instrumentation on debut album from Sorbet, the project of Irish producer Chris W. Ryan, which reflects on climate change

Tarwater (2011)

Inside the Ships
Magnificent yet faulty electronica on latest album from Berlin-based two-piece Tarwater

Tellavision (2019)

Add Land
Flawed and dull electronica sung in English from German experimental outfit Tellavision

Ulan Bator (2017)

Distinctive combination of post-rock and krautrock on latest album from Parisian experimental group Ulan Bator

Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters (2012)

Underated Silence
Ambient and haunting side album from pioneering German nugaze producer Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters, both of whom are also members of the group Engineers

Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters (2021)

Destiny Waiving
Album of electronica-dominated instrumentals from former Engineers Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters is a sleek but disappointing construction.

Von Spar (2019)

Under Pressure
Fifth LP from lounge Cologne indie outfit Von Spar welcomes a wealth of notable guest vocalists

Ziguri (2014)

Surreal krautrock on debut album from German trio Ziguri, who have reformed after a nearly fifteen year absence

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