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Karl Bartos - Off the Record

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 27 / 2 / 2013

Karl Bartos - Off the Record
Label: Bureau B
Format: CD


Cliché-ridden and bitter latest solo album from former Kraftwerk member, Karl Bartos

Genius and failure sleep in the same bed, but even worse they can live in one and the same mind and body. Hence Karl Bartos is to Kraftwerk what perhaps Zeppo is to the Marx Brothers. Off the record, Zeppo was believed to be the wittiest. The way that Bartos introduces the subject of the opening track, is explanatory: welcome to the most boring place in the world: the 'Atomium'. Bartos's - no pun intended - retro MIDI synth-pop is more sarcastic than tongue-in-cheek. And that's the dire truth. This album should be seen as fitting into the timeline; and perhaps in his own words, Karl Bartos is too aware of this being a farewell to glory days. You decide on what annoys you most; reunion gigs and "new" albums from your teenage idols, or sarcastic use of cliché and dark wit, as on 'Off the Record'. I am willing to believe that 'Off the Record' set out willingly and wantonly to formulate a statement. In a sense it's like your grandpa trying to dance the latest craze whilst reading the orbituaries in 'The Guardian'. Gradually, the general tone in music, becomes more gentleman-like. Without reservation, you can invite your favourite aunt or uncle to waltz with you on the closing track 'Hausmusik'. Cliché-ridden to the weary bone, 'Off The Record' goes from one extreme at the start to the opposite at the other end. Mind you, 'Musica Ex Machina' is the album's motto.

Track Listing:-
1 Atomium
2 Nachtfahrt
3 International Velvet
4 Without A Trace Of Emotion
5 The Binary Code
6 Musica Ex Machina
7 The Tuning Of The World
8 Instant Bayreuth
9 Vox Humana
10 Rhythmus
11 Silence
12 Hausmusik

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