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Ulan Bator - Stereolith

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 19 / 4 / 2017

Ulan Bator - Stereolith
Label: Bureau B
Format: CD


Distinctive combination of post-rock and krautrock on latest album from Parisian experimental group Ulan Bator

Although introverted in many ways, Ulan Bator enjoy a small but devoted following outside their native France. Unfashionable in the age of trip hop and post-rock, Ulan Bator's meandering melodrama has taken years to mature. Still stubbornly sticking to their ideals from their onset in the 1990s, this year's 'Stereolith' is the work of a seasoned band and perhaps their most accomplished album to date. No track in particular sticks out, 'and Stereolith' - kudos for the fitting album title - is an even yet never flat affair. Words in both French and English on many numbers add to their odd sound. The music as well is of many dimensions. Elegant eruptions alternate with shy whispers and fragile noodlings in an occasionally similar style to Yo La Tengo. That's as far as comparisons can go. They are a unique band that gradually will gain still more support. I'm on the brink now with only a few reservations left, which is maybe the essence of Ulan Bator.

Track Listing:-
1 On Fire
2 Stereolith
3 Blue Girl
4 Spinach Can
5 Ego Trip
6 NeuNeu
7 No Book
8 Icarus
9 Lost
10 Dust

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