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Die Wilde Jagd - Die Wilde Jagd

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 21 / 5 / 2015

Die Wilde Jagd - Die Wilde Jagd
Label: Bureau B
Format: CD


Relentlessly enjoyable debut album from Düsseldorf-Berlin two-piece Die Wilde Jagd which breathes life into the Krautrock genre

'Wah Wah Wallenstein' is the first track off this debut album. From the very first moment, it defines what comes next - 45 minutes of mayhem as wacko-electro, flavoured with melody and ideas, instantly gets a grip. Since Krautrock in the 1970s, the general standard of music that has come from throughout Germany has remained high. The overall urgency of sound on Die Wilde Jagd's debut album, however, melts any preconceived ideas. Die Wilde Jagd have got the knack when it comes to churning out an endless stream of timeless stomping and bomping electro tunes. 'Der Elektrische Reiter', the album's prima donna dance composition, inadvertently evokes mating ritual dances Autobahn Musik rather than motorway muzak, Die Wilde Jagd's sound should be referred to, even if it is archaic trip-hop such on 'Torpedovogel' - the album provides a fine meeting-point or platform for innovation and oblivion. They incorporate tribal electro Krautrock, designed it must be noted, alongside many marvellous melody lines. Their debut LP can even be enjoyed with the bass volume shut down; admittedly quite drastic a move, yet very telling of the album's compositional qualities. I hesitate to set the alarms, but the overwhelming electro beauty of 'Der Meister' could be a chart biggie.'Der Meister' lives up to its title. Imagine Bryan Ferry and Big Country have gone on an electro camping holiday. Not breaking new grounds like Kraftwerk and To Rococo Rot once did, Die Wilde Jagd nevertheless add extra oomph to Dusseldorf's music history. Sebastian Lee Philipp and Ralf Beck provide new lights and insights with their crispy fresh electronica beats. A joyful discourse in intrigue? Hunting for beats and diving for pearls, Die Wilde Jagd's debut album is a record of spectacular proportions.

Track Listing:-
1 Wah Wah Wallenstein
2 Austerlitz
3 Torpedovogel
4 Durch dunkle Tannen
5 Der elektrische Reiter
6 Morgenrot
7 Jagd auf den Hirsch
8 Der Meister

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