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Die Wilde Jagd - Haut

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 10 / 4 / 2020

Die Wilde Jagd - Haut
Label: Bureau B
Format: CD


Contradictory and contemplative third album from Dussledorf/Berlin electronic punk duo Die Wilde Jagd

Calm, even semi-religious yet far from resembling a game hunt, Die Wilde Jagd wind down on their new LP. On this third LP the duo with members in both Düsseldorf and Berlin completely and entirely contradict their band name. They lazily snore their way towards the first act on 'Empfang' ('Welcome'), which interferes with the field sounds they use - for example of breathing dogs. Like a flight arriving at the dysfunctional Berlin Airport, 'Empfang' draws to a close in a style you'd sooner link to a twelve inch from Burial. It is all jolly fun until you crawl underneath and find a mish mash you think you have under control. 'Haut' continues to settle under one's skin with monumental ten minute tracks ranging from kraut to post rock. There are whistling tunes like 'Himmelfahrten' which are stylish and ultimately redemptive. They rock the boat on 'Gondel' in fancy lullaby style. All in all it is a more than merry, clean and crisp throwback from what promised to be a wild game hunt by a duo before known for its snappy punk tunes. The third album is often the quintessential album in a band's career, and most of all begs the question, where to next? For sure, a band name change from Wilde Jagd to Stille Jagd Let me reassure you, however, that they've not gone insane. On 'Sankt Damin' Die Wilde Jagd close down the album with contemplation and finesse. It is as if the electronic horses have been tamed. And noble they shall remain.

Track Listing:-
1 Empfang
2 Himmelfahrten
3 Gondel
4 Sankt Damin

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