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Roedilius Schneider - Stunden

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 15 / 10 / 2011

Roedilius Schneider - Stunden
Label: Bureau B
Format: CD


Groundbreaking joint album between German composer Hans-Joachim Roedilius and Stefan Schneider from To Rococo Rot which falls in between modern composition and modern electronics

Stefan Schneider with Hans-Joachim Roedelius perform the honours on this magnificent display of modern composing. 'Stunden' would translate as 'hours'. Pointing at the passing of time, the wonders of the melodies on 'Stunden' make the listener stand still and consider the mere concept of time, described in German as 'Stunden'. 'Stunden' comprises three acts as if in a single symphony. Initially 'Stunden' marvels through 'Liebe' and 'Geschichte'. Next up is the triad of 'Das Eine', 'Single Boogie' and 'Miniatur', a tantalizing three-piece of modern electronica. 'Stunden III' leads into 'Boogie Drone'. The poetics and electronics on 'Stunden' reveal throughout brand new horizons. The 'Stunden' album may well prove to be a one-off. Its dynamical and contemplatingly calm sounds do, however, melt together extremely well. 'Stunden' falls in between modern composition and modern electronics. It may take another ten or thirty years before it is fully appreciated, yet Roedelius and Schneider must by now have convinced Deutsche Gramophon. Ich will dies als eine Schallplatte!

Track Listing:-
1 Stunden I
2 Liebe
3 Geschichte
4 Stunden II
5 Das Eine
6 Single, Boogie
7 Miniatur
8 Stunden III
9 Boogie Dance
10 Zug
11 Upper Slaughter
12 Land

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