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Pose Dia - Front View

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 14 / 2 / 2021

Pose Dia - Front View
Label: Bureau B
Format: CD


Cinematic but flawed debut album from Pose Dia, the project of Hamburg-based DJ Helena Ratke

A resident DJ in Big City Hamburg's smallest Club, The Golden Poodle, one of the rare venues where members in the audience do not take selfies during gigs, Helena Ratke comes across as overambitious on 'Front View'. Her limited comprehension of the English language equals that of an adventuress. Adventurous however her beats, music and employed sound effects may be, and whilst on occasion her irate words do drop in line with the beats, I wish she had sung in her far more melodic native German language instead. Her diction is such that "I looked at you" sounds like "I laughed at you". Helena Ratke's DJ set features music of a wild nature and one ought, therefore, to focus on the beats rather than at the superfluous words. 'Front View' could have been much better as an instrumental album. A track like 'Walking Running' would be much improved. Daft lyrics and hefty beats result in a questionable debut effort.

Track Listing:-
1 At the Beach
2 Smoz Opera
3 How to Find the Exit in Case of Fire
4 Harvest III
5 Scanner
6 Walking Running
7 A Gap in the Step
8 Phrase Paraphrase
9 Get up High
10 Infinity Pool
11 Spacerine
12 Cloud

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