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Slow Readers Club - Rock City, Nottingham, 12/5/2018

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 29 / 6 / 2018

Slow Readers Club - Rock City, Nottingham, 12/5/2018


Dave Goodwin watches acclaimed rock band the Slow Readers Club live up to the hype and play an anthemic set at the legendary Rock City in Nottingham.

This time last year I was walking up the narrow staircase of the Bodega here in Nottingham to see The Slow Readers Club, but such has the interest been since the launch of their last album, 'Cavalcade', that they have been able to hire a bigger venue. They are now nearly packing out one of the most iconic venues in the country, the legendary Rock City, and they are here on the back of the launch of their third album 'Build a Tower'. Mention must be made for the supports here on a curfew night, Skies and I Am Lono. The latter for me taking the honours, I am Lono are an electric rock type outfit that have been around for a while but now sport a drummer and a huge sound to go with it. On the cusp of releasing their first album as a new unit, they are ones to watch in the near-future. But it's the Readers that are here for the listening and what a listen they make. 'Build a Tower' is another album of indie gems of anthemic proportions, and it lends itself to the stage and live circuit very well indeed, mainly because the lads that are making the noise are very able in this department. Since first spotting this Mancunian band at the Royal Centre with James they have progressed at lightning speed. Now their stage presence is awe-inspiring, and to make things even more exciting they are clearly loving every live minute of it. Working through around an hour and a half and belting out tracks from all three albums, The Readers captivate and enthral the large sweat-soaked crowd in front of them, Aaron Starkie moving from left to right, brainwashing as he goes and commanding the throng at will, getting every word of each track out of them as if zombified. With a half-smile he moves his arms to imitate a big clock through 'Start Again' in the middle of the set, building up to one of my favourites, 'On the TV'. They started the night with 'Lunatic', the latest single, which was welcomed ecstatically by the lot behind me in the pit and I had to laugh when the other Starkie, Kurtis, spun round and glared at me just in front with a massive grin, clearly enjoying it too. There's not much chat at a Readers' gig, so the music came thick and fast and before we knew it it was encore time. After the final act of 'Forever in Your Debt' the Slow Readers Club left the stage with the crowd still baying for more. After gracing all the venues in this fair city, what next for the Slow Readers Club? There is only one venue left for them to tackle: let's see how long it is before they grace the Arena! Marvellous! Photos by Dave Goodwin www.davegoodwinimages.com

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Slow Readers Club - Rock City, Nottingham, 12/5/2018

Slow Readers Club - Rock City, Nottingham, 12/5/2018

Slow Readers Club - Rock City, Nottingham, 12/5/2018

Slow Readers Club - Rock City, Nottingham, 12/5/2018

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