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Slow Readers Club - Waterfront, Norwich, 23/9/2022

  by Nige Nudds

published: 26 / 11 / 2022

Slow Readers Club - Waterfront, Norwich, 23/9/2022


Nige Nudds comes away a committed fan after catching Mancunian post-punk band The Slow Readers Club at the Waterfront in Norwich.

This Mancunian band have not really been on my radar for the past six years that I’ve heard of them, but after tonight’s performance they are now dead centre on it. Usually at The Waterfront in Norwich I always bump into friends I know, but not so tonight. Unusually as well there are lots of people in the bands T-shirt before they even entered the venue, so I knew something of a cult following was occurring when they started shouting 'Readers, Readers” before the band got on stage. The Waterfront is not quite full but the gathering crowd at the barrier are more than excited when the band come on stage. I should not compare but the music is reminiscent of the sound of Manchester with bits of Joy Division, New Order and even Erasure. In fact, this electronic/guitar sound with a big anthemic beat that is exciting to hear, has an original tone. Everyone n the centre is dancing and singing along to every word, so why this band is not huge I just don’t know. Vocalist Aaron Starkie has a voice reminiscent of Ian Curtis (Joy Division) one minute and then Jimmy Somerville (Bronski Beat) the next minute, and is thoroughly engaging throughout. Starkie’s brother Kurtis is equally compelling on guitar, with James Ryan on bass and David Whitworth on drums, providing the tight backbeat. Best moments are the acoustic led 'Block Out The Sun', the stadium anthem of 'Lunatic' and the electro pop/rock of 'You Opened Up My Heart', in fact there were many highlights. I haven’t stopped playing their music since the gig, and a new fan is born. Photos by Nige Nudds

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Slow Readers Club - Waterfront, Norwich, 23/9/2022

Slow Readers Club - Waterfront, Norwich, 23/9/2022

Slow Readers Club - Waterfront, Norwich, 23/9/2022

Slow Readers Club - Waterfront, Norwich, 23/9/2022

Slow Readers Club - Waterfront, Norwich, 23/9/2022

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