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Slow Readers Club


Waterfront, Norwich, 23/9/2022

Slow Readers Club - Waterfront, Norwich, 23/9/2022

Nige Nudds comes away a committed fan after catching Mancunian post-punk band The Slow Readers Club at the Waterfront in Norwich.

Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, 4/5/2018

Slow Readers Club - Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, 4/5/2018

Dixie Ernill watches the Slow Readers Club’s home town gig at the Manchester Cathedral hampered by poor sound quality.

Rock City, Nottingham, 12/5/2018

Slow Readers Club - Rock City, Nottingham, 12/5/2018

Dave Goodwin watches acclaimed rock band the Slow Readers Club live up to the hype and play an anthemic set at the legendary Rock City in Nottingham.

Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 23/11/2017

Slow Readers Club - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 23/11/2017

Dave Goodwin finds Mancunians Slow Readers Club on the road again and lighting up The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham with their debut album 'Cavalcade'

Bodega, Nottingham, 30/3/2017

Slow Readers Club - Bodega, Nottingham, 30/3/2017

Riding on the back of their tour with fellow Manchurians James, The Slow Readers Club set off on a tour of their own to massive acclaim especially in Nottingham where they sell out the Bodega

Gorilla, Manchester, 28/11/2015

Slow Readers Club - Gorilla, Manchester, 28/11/2015

Billy Seagrave joins the Slow Readers Club on a triumphant homecoming night to remember in Manchester


91 Days in Isolation (2021)

Excellent second album for 2020 from the Slow Readers Club, which created in very different circumstances from their last album proves a reminder of their energy and creativity

Joy of the Return (2020)

Anthemic fourth album from critically-acclaimed Manchester-based post-punk group the Slow Readers Club

Build a Tower (2018)

Anthemic and confident retro pop on third album from rising Mancurian band the Slow Readers Club

Sirens (2011)

Superb debut single from urgent, yet melodic Manchester band the Slow Readers club, which consists of several former members of Omerta

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