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Bau - Indifferentemente

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 25 / 10 / 2023

Bau - Indifferentemente
Label: Aagoo Records
Format: 10"


Pamphlet truths on poignant punk EP from Italian band BAu

Fugazi fuelled, whilst fanatic to say the least, Bau come on like thunder icicles in a hail blizzard. Rolling on rolling off riffs, like on the frantic 'Cancer', and furious in each and every vein and chord, the Italian combo goes through many splashes of splendour. It is as if punk needs deprivation;  the most convincing punk music which recently came to my ears was either from Greece or Italy. Ironically, the Bau ten inch EP comes in a Happy Holiday picture card sleeve. with nostalgic colours. The vinyl is finally available seven or eight onths late - which appears futile, set against the impetuous impact coming from these eleven blinders. The quartet immortalizes a sense of inner protest and physical resistance, but most importantly incorporates a constructive kind of upsurge. Unlike Bauhaus - the dark wave band from 40 Years ago - Bau (officially BAu) goes for colour, at a miraculous speed. 'Indifferentemente' comes in spurts, gushes with splatters. Where many metal maniacs may slip into mayhem, BAu stay on track. The bluesy past-punk theme 'Mondo Queer' rounds off the EP in fine style. You guessed it, the EP title hinting at indifference, actually serves as a warm warning against it.

Track Listing:-
1 Cubicle Life
2 Self Cannibal
3 Merci
4 So High
5 It_s Hunting
6 Cancer
7 Grow _ Glow
8 A Loss
9 Rabid Dog
10 John Montagu IV
11 Mondo Queer

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