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Aagoo Records


Au (2008)

Chaotic, but exuberant experimental pop on second album from Au, which consists of Portland, Oregon-based musician Luke Wyland and on this record approximately thirty muusicians

Bau (2023)

Pamphlet truths on poignant punk EP from Italian band BAu

Conformists (2016)

Military precise freeform emo blues punk on fourth album from Missouri-based band, Conformists

Connect_icut (2014)

Small Town by the Sea
Captivating and imaginative tribute to his present hometown from English-born but now Vancouver-based electronic musician, Connect_icut

Connect_icut (2014)

Crows and Kittiwakes Wheel and Come Again
Abstract but compelling fourth album from Vancouver-based electronic composer, Connect_icut

Deison and Mingle (2015)

Weak Life
First-rate combination of dubstep, the avant-garde and disco from Italian electronic duo, Deison and Mingle

Father Murphy (2009)

And He Told Us to Turn to the Sun
Lavish sounding, but tongue-in-cheek Sonic Youth-influenced rock on debut alabum from offbeat Italian trio, Father Murphy

Father Murphy (2012)

Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It
Forceful and compelling post-rock, which proves to be both orchestral and pastoral at once, from brooding Italian trio Father Murphy

Father Murphy (2013)

8 Heretical Views
Fabulous collection of remixes of Bologna post-rock act Father Murphy's ''Anyway Your Children Will Deny It' album, which was released last year

Father Murphy (2013)

Two Views
Variable remixes for Italian post-rockers Father Murphy from Houston band Indian Jewelry and French electro musician Philippe Petit

Hheaven (2016)

A Single Rose
Marvellous 80's-influenced synth pop on debut mini-album from American electronic two-piece, Hheaven

Inutili (2016)

Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets
Imaginative noise rock on new album from experimental Italian three-piece, Inutili

Inutili (2024)

A Love Supreme
Disorientating but compelling new album from jazz-influenced punks Inutili

Inutili (2015)

Unforgettable, Lost and Unreleased
Relentless and chaotic yet adventurous collection of earlier recordings from Italian art punk/blues band, Inutili

Kelvox1 (2012)

Grazed Red
Unsettling debut album from Cambridge trio Kelvox1, who work with both conventional electronic instruments and found objects

KK Null (2015)

Cryptozoon X
Experimental and thought-provoking but sadly often monotonous mini-album from Japanese guitarist, KK Null

Lourdes Rebels (2015)

Snuff Safari
Minimalistic and subdued but haunting debut album from Italian experimental duo, the Lourdes Rebels

Lumen Lab (2016)

They Are Killing Us
Challenging but compelling third album from Lumen Lab, the nom de plume for Mexican electronic musician Diege Martinez

Marcus Fjellström (2013)

Epilogue M
Evocative instrumental EP from Swedish composer and multimedia artist, Marcus Fjellstrom

Murcof and Philippe Petit (2013)

First Chapter
Over-indulgent and meandering joint album between Barcelona-based experimental electronic music Murcof and French minimalist composer, the first in a planned series of albums

Padna (2015)

Alku Toinen
Eerie and melancholic but captivating latest album from Padna, the project of Brooklyn-based experimental bedroom artist Nat Hawks

Pess (2021)

You Can Make Hamburger Yourself
Pleasingly quirky debut from Japanese pop-rock duo Pess.

Philippe Petit (2015)

Multicoloured Shadows
Blistering electronica on new album from stubborn Toulouse composer and musician, Philippe Petit, which is a mind-expanding symphony of several acts

Philippe Petit (2012)

Hitch-Hiking Thru Bronze Mirrors
Delicate-sounding third and final volume in his 'Extraordinary Tales of a Lemon Girl' series from French composer and pianist, Philippe Petit

Prettiest Eyes (2015)

Venomous and frenzied punk, which would have worked better as an EP rather than a full-length record, on debut album from Californian band, Prettiest Eyes

White (2013)

Impressive 1970's-influenced dream pop on third album from White, the moniker for Los Angeles-based musician and arts school graduate, Cory Hanson

Zulus (2012)

Apocalyptic and intense, but totally innovative debut album from New York trio Zulus, who have initiated a new sound

Zulus (2015)

Magically loud and snappy post-garage punk on second album from Brooklyn-based band, Zulus

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