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Zulus - II

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 8 / 9 / 2015

Zulus - II
Label: Aagoo Records
Format: CD


Magically loud and snappy post-garage punk on second album from Brooklyn-based band, Zulus

Daniel Martens and Aleksander Prechtl, originally from the Bay Area, started in hardcore, but now with Jeremy Scott and Julian Benett Holmes on the team have refined punk with touches of the roll-on, roll-off characteristic rhythm section of, say, the Fall or the Ex. A concise album, many of the tracks on 'Zulus II' last just under two minutes in length. Post-garage in their own words, all nine tracks erupt like lightning bolts. It is as if acid rock has been given a thunderous Neanderthal makeover. With this second album, Zulus have made an enjoyable and escapist record.

Track Listing:-
1 Revolver III
2 Medications
3 White Virgin
4 Gemini
5 Set Fire
6 Chemicals
7 Deep into the River
8 Screens
9 The City’s Vein

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