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KK Null - Cryptozoon X

  by Jon Rogers

published: 18 / 1 / 2015

KK Null - Cryptozoon X
Label: Aagoo Records
Format: CD


Experimental and thought-provoking but sadly often monotonous mini-album from Japanese guitarist, KK Null

Japanese guitarist Kazuyuki Kishino (aka KK Null) is best known for his work in the noise outfit Zeni Geva, but has since broadened his musical palate to incorporate a whole range of influences from the likes of musique concrete, ambient, electronica and the avant garde as well as keeping one foot in outright assault on the aural senses. 'Cryptozoon' was initially commissioned by INA-GRM and first performed in Paris at the Festival Présences électronique back in April 2013 in a quadraphonic mix and, as Kishino has stated, the piece, which clocks in at just under 20 minutes, reflects on his connection to the earth and its place in the wider cosmology: "Let's recall the sonic memory of earth the hidden history of space and time, listen to the sound buried deep in the ground and floating in the air, folded in invisible dimensions in various phases and scales. Inside my body and brain I still hear everlasting echoes and feel vibrations from the big bang." Needless to say this is probably not going to be troubling the likes of One Direction for the top spot in the charts. 'Cryptozoon' is a pot pourri of styles that touches on the outer reaches of electronic dabbling, dissonance, ambient touches with a groaning, throbbing pulse at its heart and probably a hefty dose of found sounds that are scattered throughout that are all thrown into the musical stew. While such a venture has to be applauded for its intent the piece rather remains just that, something of a gloopy stew. The individual elements all merge to make one rather monotone effect that leave a uniform taste rather than the separate elements adding their own individuality and textures as well as sparkle. As such it never quite comes alive and thrills. Still, 'Cryptozoon' though manages to challenge the listener - even if at times it is something of an endurance test to see if you can last the distance - and you get the feeling that with Kishino has he continues to explore more musical expressions that the best is yet to come.

Track Listing:-
1 Cryptozoon Quadraphonic Mix
2 Cryptozoon Stereophonic Mix

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