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Deison and Mingle - Weak Life

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 4 / 5 / 2015

Deison and Mingle - Weak Life
Label: Aagoo Records
Format: CD


First-rate combination of dubstep, the avant-garde and disco from Italian electronic duo, Deison and Mingle

To taste Italian duo Deison and Mingle, try this electronic pasta a la Bolognese. You'll see crystal clear momentum comes on on this hour of almost sheer brilliance. In striking ignorance of current fashion, the album blends farting triphop beats with a blunt notion of drum and bass. 'Circle of Red Drops', for example, works like a pixel storm sound, where the fusion of hammering beats and compositional qualities in harmony reaches higher grounds. 'Weak Life' though initially aims at the mind rather than at the body. Like the breaks during a rave, 'Weak Life' delivers a string of highlights which both tingle the soul as well as move one's hips. As the best of both though, 'Weak Life' comes close to being funkadelic. New funkadelic. The joy they had in making it resounds throughout the entire album. It is perhaps their label Aagoo's happiest release until now. Be it in pumping Berlin Basic Channel fashion or in South Bank London ways, Deison and Mingle melt melody and composition together in dance music. 'Bloody Feelings' recalls the mayhem of old-skool Breezeblock sessions on Radio 1. And it takes matters a little further. Clichéd description cannot be more appropriate; this is a truly splashing album. A genuine belter. Thunderous drum and bass, fat dubstep breakbeats and dancefloor level trance are merged together here with both style and mellifluence.

Track Listing:-
1 Skeptik Move
2 Tangles
3 Osso Temporale
4 Unanimated
5 Lost Pieces
6 Bloody Feelings
7 Circle Of Red Drops
8 Hirn Seite
9 Perfect Huddle
10 Obliquity (Low)
11 Weak Life

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