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Philippe Petit - Multicoloured Shadows

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 5 / 7 / 2015

Philippe Petit - Multicoloured Shadows
Label: Aagoo Records
Format: CD


Blistering electronica on new album from stubborn Toulouse composer and musician, Philippe Petit, which is a mind-expanding symphony of several acts

'Multicoloured Shadows' blends tearing rhythms with an arranged set of less than harmonic compositions. Artificial and digital, 'Multicoloured Shadows' is an album of firm jokery and which experiments in the world of electro acoustics. It lacks a sense of cheerful humour perhaps. Creepy sounds, blasts of rattling beats and perhaps the beauty of malfunction make this, however, a totally arresting experience. The subtle use of guitars, the kazoo and a cymbalum sound like they have had the helping hand of Superman (I never read the comics, so it could be another ..man). More organic than complex, while coming from a seemingly wild atmosphere, 'Yourselfosophy' and 'Pyramid Of The Moon' on side one of the album nonetheless offer a very fine trip. 'Tidbinbilla Sanctuary' is only a few corners away from slowed-down Congotronics. It sets the tone for the subdued riddims of side two, and has a hollow resonance which recollects church music. Its tighter structure makes it almost fit for an experimental dance music event, though it is miles away from Petit's early days in BipHop. The beautiful sleeve from Alec Dartley matches perfectly the imposing and demanding music with its twisted drawings in red, green and blue, the three components to colour in the digital age. Bas Mantel, Petit's partner in his previous vinyl series, designed the back of the sleeve and brings in rigid graphics. One of the finest challenges I have heard since Black Dice went AWOL.

Track Listing:-
1 Yourselfosophy
2 Pyramid Of The Moon
3 Tidbinbilla Sanctuary Pt 1
4 Tidbinbilla Sanctuary Pt 2

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