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Zulus - Zulus

  by Paul Waller

published: 16 / 8 / 2012

Zulus - Zulus
Label: Aagoo Records
Format: CD


Apocalyptic and intense, but totally innovative debut album from New York trio Zulus, who have initiated a new sound

New York’s Zulus consider themselves to be post-garage. They exist in a space inhabited by very few I can tell you that much and post-garage doesn’t nearly scratch the surface. If we must compare them to someone then perhaps A Place To Bury Strangers isn’t too much of a leap but somehow that’s not close enough. Their debut album, even on “quieter” tracks like ‘Vibrations' is so soaked in reverb and noise that the sound emanating from this disc is completely alien to what else is out there right now. Take it away from the band and they would come across as a substandard Ceremony, yet with it they sound like the band that the rats and cockroaches would form after the nuclear winter has wiped out the human race. It’s terrifying, apocalyptic and a completely intense listen. The sirens at the beginning of standout track ‘Kisses’’ are the warning of what to come. The Johnny Rotten style vocals drill into your skull whilst the tribal drum pattern pummel you into thinking if PIL had released an album this wild they really would have made a musical game changer. Instead it’s left to the new wave of New York noise-niks to innovate and initiate a whole new sound. Calling this post-garage doesn’t even scratch Zulu’s surface.

Track Listing:-
1 By Night And Spear
2 Surgery
3 To Die
4 Kisses
5 Vibrations
6 Blackout
7 Tremolo
8 Death In The Current

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