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Philippe Petit - Hitch-Hiking Thru Bronze Mirrors

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 1 / 12 / 2012

Philippe Petit - Hitch-Hiking Thru Bronze Mirrors
Label: Aagoo Records
Format: CD


Delicate-sounding third and final volume in his 'Extraordinary Tales of a Lemon Girl' series from French composer and pianist, Philippe Petit

A modern composer and a label boss in his own right, Philippe Petit has engaged in making music with Lydia Lunch, run the bliphop record label Bliphop and now, to his ultimate wisdom, has rounded off with this album 'Extraordinary Tales of a Lemon Girl', the trilogy of his daring tries at abstract composition. Philippe Petit most of all is a piano player, hence 'Movement 1'. The Symphony of Sounds fulls up next on '2' with suspension aplenty. 'Movement 5' even goes frantic, with whizzing and sizzling harpsichords. The feel of a modern age creeps in when the post-Satie roll of the keys sets in, halfway through 'Movement 6'. It's where hesitation and fragility get the upper hand. 'Movement 8' for example sounds like tormented gamelan, in the guise of philharmonica. Throughout the album the intrinsic fragility remains yet Petit's rough-edged minimalism enjoys an electronica bubble bath on 'Movement 10' as a well-deserved finale.

Track Listing:-
1 Movement I
2 Movement II
3 Movement III
4 Movement IV
5 Movement V
6 Movement VI
7 Movement VII
8 Movement VIII
9 Movement IX
10 Movement X

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